Monday, November 07, 2011

Gratitude Day 7 - Mr. Cusack

I'm rushing to get in a gratitude for today.  And rather than being able to really figure out what I was grateful for earlier in the day and then spend the day figuring out how to honor that in some way, I'm facing the end of a day without having really taken the time to do that.  It was a busy day.

So I'm falling back on an old habit. 

John Cusack.

It sounds so fan-girly to still be talking about some actor I've liked since I was young.  And it is a little silly.  And I fully admit it.  And I'm less obsessively interested in Mr. Cusack than I used to be.  (though I admit, I still check his twitter feed about every 2 or 3 weeks, just to see what he's up to, or what he has to say for himself). 

I think many many women love John Cusack.  And some of it is his dark Irish good looks.  And some of it is his residual appeal as the perennial Lloyd Dobbler - the near perfect boyfriend we all wish we had.  And there are plenty of other great movies he has been in and has enamored many women.  Some women I know love him in The Sure Thing, and some Grosse Point Blank, and some loved him in Serendipity.  I have my own list of favorites and some of them are pretty obscure.  How many of you have seen "Max"?  I loved him in that.  So there are lots of reasons, and I share them with 1000s of other women.  I realize that. 

But I also feel like John Cusack represents a particular type of guy who is probably pretty much my "type".  He's sensitive without being too feminine.  Is good looking without being pretty, or too chiseled.  He's incredibly smart, though not in a social inept way.  He can be a little sullen and serious sometimes, but he also has a great laugh and a little smirky smile that I love..  I personally like his radical politics - it takes guts to stick to your extremely held beliefs sometimes.  I suspect he can be a little grumpy and difficult sometimes.  And for some weird reason I'm perfectly fine with that.  Guys who are too agreeable all the time worry me a little.  He's just this great combination of factors that I really like.

But even still, why would I pick John Cusack for my 30 days of gratitude. 

Well - he's given me a lot of happiness over the years.  If I'm in a bad mood, a viewing of Grosse Point, or Say Anything, or America's Sweethearts can pretty much fix me up. 

Cusack is the kind of thing that I certainly do not think about every day - in fact, I'm guessing sometimes weeks go by when he does not enter my mind.  But when I'm looking for a quick way to elevate my mood, a good John Cusack movie will usually do the trick.  I probably don't need to have Grosse Point memorized, but I do. 

And some of my favorite quotes come from that movie:

"I am at home with the me that is on this adventure"


"This is me breathing"

If you need some zen statements to enlighten you a little, ponder those for a bit. 

So today, on a hectic day where more things went wrong than they went right, I appreciate John Cusack. 

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