Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Gratitude - Day 2 - HOME

As mentioned in a prior post, I'm doing the 20 min for 20 days home cure and I'm really liking the results.  No big changes, but what I like about it is that it forces you to really take a look at your home and prioritize changes. 

Today I created cleared out some stuff that was just taking up space and energy and that felt nice.

I'm really grateful for my home, and I want to acknowledge that if only to myself.  Sometimes it's easy to get a little discouraged - in the past few months I've had plumbing problems, electrical issues, a pool that has cost me hundreds of dollars in expensive chemicals, RATS in my attic!, landscaping that needs more attention than I have time to give it, about a million expensive lightbulbs that need replaced, worn out carpet, dishwasher that had to be repaired and the repair man asked why I wasn't just getting a new one, broken ice maker on the refrigerator, and frankly, that's not even everything.  Those are just the big issues.  There are lots of little issues too.  Things I would like to be able to do but frankly can't afford or don't have time for right now. 

It gets frustrating sometimes. 

But then...

But THEN I think, good grief!  These are certainly first world problems Lezlee!  "Wah wah computer is too slow", "whine whine, my grass is growing in spotty and my landscapers didn't fix my sprinkler system correctly".


I not only have a roof over my head, but it's actually a really lovely home.  Even when I start thinking it could be so much better, I'm reminded of how much comfort it gives us, how many compliments I still get on it, and how many people in the world would be thrilled to be so fortunate.  And then I get a little ashamed at myself for being ridiculous. 

I'm super grateful for everything there is to love about my house - the artwork, the space, the back yard, the pool, the flowers, the trees, the doves, the lovebirds, my new bedroom, my bathtub...there is so much to be happy with!

I'm happy to be spending part of this month working on little ways to improve it, and making lists of bigger ways to make progress too. 

A lot of the time progress is made only when we take the time to really appreciate what is, and think about what we can do in small steps to make it better. 

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Suzanne Barker said...

BRAVO Lezlee!


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