Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Trend - Bohemian Decor

I've noticed something slowly happening lately.  A style which I think should be referred to as "Bohemian Decor" keeps cropping up a lot.  It seems like it sort of started with the nostalgia for gypsy type vans and the camper trailers people are fond of decorating.  Bohemian has been in and out of vogue for a long time in the fashion industry.  And I feel like in home decor/design this style occasionally passes as "eclectic" (whatever that means these seems like that is a catch all phrase for homes we don't know how to categorize, sometimes they are cool and sometimes they are just kind of awful).

The word bohemian has an interesting history.  It's etymology derives from a french word which refers to gypsy.  It's usually meant to convey a sense of "unconventional" or "an artistic person".

In home design it usually involves interesting lighting - tassels, colorful chandeliers, mixed textiles and prints, color, a sort of vagabond experience with a mixture of ethnic influences or a travelled look, and a certain gauzy comfort that is hard to describe.

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Raven Blackmane said...

I really LOVE bohemian. I like how all these different pieces look amazingly cohesive. I think my dream bedroom would have that look, it just screams "relaxing."


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