Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mary McDonald - where I finally answer the age old question about who I would be if I could trade places with someone

I guess I'm still on this kick about confessing all my fantastical thoughts.  So here's another one:

In the fantasy version of my life, I'm actually Mary McDonald.

Seriously.  I have given this some thought.  You know sometimes you get asked that random question on some silly questionaire or something about trading places with someone or if you could be someone else?  Well, I never really can think of who I would be.  Nothing or No Ones Life appeals to me THAT MUCH.  So I guess it is cool that I actually pretty much dig who I am and my very own life.

Let's face it, with the addition of a laundress and a permanent handy man, the loss of some weight and maybe a smidge more cash, my life would pretty much be as swell as anyone could hope for right?  Tell me if I'm being delusional, but this is pretty much how I feel.

But yesterday it did occur to me that I WOULD want to be Mary McDonald, the interior designer.

This appeals to me on a lot of levels.  Yes, the interior design thing is a pretty big part of it.  But she is glamorous and beautiful while still being funny.  She has money, gets to travel a lot, and lives a pretty ideal life.  IF I were choosing a life different than mine.

She seems kind of biznatchy in a kind of way, but in a way that I actually kind of like.  Yeah, I'm confessing that I wish I could be a little more biznatchy sometimes.  Mostly, I am a good girl and those biznatchy thoughts stay in my head.  (Shannon, if you're reading this, there's no need to dispute the validity of this claim, I admit you hear more of the thoughts in my head than most).  But she's got a super likeable way about her nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and she's a genius at interior design.

If you don't know who Mary is catch her on Million Dollar Decorators, now showing on Bravo on Tuesday nights.  It's my fave tv show at the moment.  I wish it were ALWAYS on.

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