Friday, December 14, 2012

Year End Zeitgeist - 2013

If you didn't see this video produced by google yet you should watch it.  It's pretty cool.  All the most searched for things of 2012 encapsulated in a short video.

I wish a could produce something similar to encapsulate 2012 for the bandanamom blog.

But here are the most popular posts of the year, and the things you searched the interwebs for that landed you here on my blog:

You're still into Shabby Chic:

(it does still have it's charm doesn't it?)

You want to have favorite things parties

(guess what?  I am now the most "pinned" favorite thing blog post on pinterest!)  and YES I am having another favorite things party next month!

You like the new bohemian decor trend

(I kinda dig this right now too)

You dig a cool beach house

(I'll dig beach houses a lot more if I ever figure out how to wrangle one for myself)

You're trying to figure what to do with all your instagram photos

(this instagram of mine is from my friend Bob Adams art show which was last weekend...super awesome)

You think Eric Zener is a pretty rad artist

(agreed, he is pretty rad)

You kinda adore John Hamm and Mad Men

(I know, I totally get where you're coming from there)

Egg chairs are still super cool

(why I still do not have one is a mystery to me.)

(that's not's because I don't have the xtra monies)

You like Mary McDonald as much as I do

(I wish I were as effortlessly awesome as she is)

You're scared to get a tattoo but if you got one, you would it to be literary or at least from an awesome movie

(I'm going to level with you, if I ever got a tattoo it would be this:  Vous n’avez pas des os en verre, vous pouvez vous congner a la vie - translation: You don’t have bones of can take life's knocks, a quote from my favorite movie "amelie")

You wanted to know what all the hype about mid century modern was all about

(pretty awesome I know)

You were curious about Ombre

(I swear I'm making ombre sheets and pillowcases over the holidays, I'll let you know how it goes)

and in spite of what anyone else told you the trends in color were, you just wanted to find rooms that were blue (by a huge majority)

(blue is my new favorite room color too!)

But sometimes you were in the mood for pink

(and guess what?  I re-decorated a room in pink this year too!)

2012 was pretty good.

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