Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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2006 was a good year! An update for those who care:

Question: What is Kirk's new nickname?

Answer: Picasso

Kirk has been super busy all year working on becoming a "real" artist. In July he approached an Art Gallery with some of his work and we were so happy when they accepted him to the gallery for representation and asked him to prepare to do a show in November. His show was up in the gallery all during the month of November and sold very well. He has now been asked to prepare for another show in March! (the gallery's website Of course in the meantime he's still an attorney by day, but by night he is usually standing in his studio with paintbrush in hand. It has been great! (Kirk's art website is

Question: Is Lezlee ever going to do anything besides sell bras on the internet?

Answer: YES! (and for those of you who didn't know, yes, Lezlee does sell bras on the internet)

Lezlee has been accepted to Bachelor program at BYU which allows students to finish (most) of their degree from home. Her degree will be in Psychology, which is what she always wanted to do. She just finished her first class and got an A! Finishing this program will be a step towards being able to attend Graduate School and finish her Masters in Psychology/Counseling. She's still got a long ways ahead of her but it feels good to be back on track.

Question: Would Holden drive an old car?

Answer: He better be driving an old car, that would explain the monthly car mechanic bills!

Holden lifguarded this summer and will be going back this year. He taught swim lessons and this summer he may be working as the Dive Coach. It was a really great experience for him. He actually really liked teaching swimming lessons to the little kids. He used the money he earned to buy a 1972 Buick Electra we like to call the Hulk. It's actually a really awesome car and it's his favorite color, bright green. He is HEAVILY involved in Speech and Debate right now and loving it. So that brings the total number of extracuricular activities he's been involved in up to ...oh don't know like 124? He will be a senior next year which is freaking his parents out! After that he's planning on college and a mission. Yikes. Girls are also a rather large part of his life as one might imagine!

Question:Where's Brennan?
Answer: He is around here somewhere reading last I checked...and by that I mean if you are looking for Brennan just look for the books because that is where he will be. He asked for 50 books for Christmas and that's all he wants. Weird? Yes. Are we proud? Of course! He keeps us laughing with a rather Chris Farley-like sense of humor. Brains and Humor you ask? Of course! Look at his parents! What else did you expect?

Question: Is Jordan as sweet as she looks?

Answer: We plead the 5th. However we will say that she is an amazing little girl with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Does she ever just veg out and watch tv for a while? No! Do we wish she would sometimes? Yes! She is either talking or doing, doing, doing. or talking. and talking. You get the idea. She wants books on being a surgeon for Christmas because she's discovered a website that teaches you how to do surgery geared towards children. We are in the process of hiding all the sharp instruments just in case.

Love, the Hays Family


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