Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How I tried to write a blog post about a bunch of stuff and then everything went sideways

Oh sad blog.

10 reasons this blog post isn't what it could be...

1. I tried to write a blog post on fall trends in clothing but all of my photos showed up as blank except this one due to some unknown reason and the internet hates me.  So here's the one:

And I mean, sure these denim full 1950s style skirts are sure cute but I had a lot more I was sharing.  You'll have to imagine the photos of mint and yellow outfits, chambray with tartan, chambray with plaid, yellow and blue (all shades but especially brights and mustards with deep blues), polka dots, BIG dots, stripes, pattern combinations, buffalo checks, saturated colors and neon, neon with chambray, statement necklaces, hot pinks, ripped jeans are back, and tulle is having a moment, plus winter whites are in. 

2.  I would really love to write a blog post about some of the people that I deal with every day.  Not my clients (though those would be interesting blog posts too) - but more often some of the PARENTS of my clients.  But alas, this would be highly inappropriate.  

3.  Let's be clear in case some random parent stumbles across my blog by accident - most of you are really awesome parents and I'm sure you're one of them, so the blog post wasn't going to be about you.

4.  I mean geez, am I going to have to delete this whole blog once I become a counselor?  How am I going to scrub all traces of myself from the internet?  This is a problem.  I really like my blog and don't really want it to go away but...I really worry about what it's appropriate for me to blog about these days. 

5.  I have so much on plate for the next 4 or 5 months that I almost want to cry so I could write about that.  But then I just sound like a big huge whiny baby and I don't want to be another  whiny person on the internet, so there's no blog post there.

6.  I'm not always sure where the line is between honesty, overshare, just being me, and going too far. 

7.  I saw some cool movies that I loved maybe and I could post about those but I'm worry you'll judge my movie choices.  

8.  I don't have time for this. 

9.   I'd love to give you an update or tips on the room I'm redecorating but I have no idea when I'm actually going to have time to do any of the things I have planned.  

10.  My day is filled with schizophrenics and people with borderline personality disorder and ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress and Attachment Disorders, and people who actively hallucinate and have delusions, and I mean it's just never never boring. My days are never remotely anything close to uneventful.  But you can't really write blog posts about any of that stuff.


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