Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Vacation I need...Carmel by the Sea & Big Sur

I need a vacation.

People say that, I know.  But I really do.

I haven't had a vacation or a break in...well, I don't even really know.  I'm not counting the 48 hour trip to Las Vegas - which was fun, but not really a vacation.  It wasn't even the whole weekend.

So this blog post will have to do.

Two of the places I think are the most beautiful in the whole world are Carmel By The Sea, and Big Sur.

I fell in love with Big Sur when I was a little girl watching "The Sandpiper" with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.  Something about it just seemed so fantastic to me.

A trip up the coast of California is always breathtaking and gorgeous to me but it's more than that.  For me, just the surf and the sand, the salt, the air and the color of the water has some sort of restorative property that really makes me happy.

I realized tonight with no breaks in school and working full time and starting an internship that is 20 hours per week on top of my 40 hours per week at work for 9 months before I graduate - well, there are no vacations in my immediate future.  At least not of any kind of length that I would like.

But this photos can make me a little happy for now

(If you've never made a trip to the California Coast, or central California - I highly recommend that you do!)


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