Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Scone Palace Peacock

Scone Palace Peacock
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This is my most favorited image on flickr. It's also the photo published in this month's JPG magazine. A lot of people have asked to buy the photo so I've set up a new website highlighting all of our photgraphy at:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pacific Coast Highway

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park 5531
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I have wanderlust today. I started planning a trip to California for Kirk and I. He can't get away until fall so mostly I will have to be satisfied with thinking about it for now...I love the pacific coast highway. It's a very magical place. It always seems impossible to me that people actually live there and can go to the beach or see the ocean...SMELL the ocean, every day. How could anyone ever be unhappy if you lived on the beach?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Normal Heights

Normal Heights, San Diego
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O.K., so Back to Normal...whatever that means.

Back to normal right now means I have almost caught up on 2 months of laundry (seriously), drive back and forth to dive meets, swim meets and sit at the pool for a while every day, go to the movies with kids, try to keep cool, try to keep the house clean, think about taking another class (just thinking right now, need a SHORT break), doing church junk I don't want to do, trying to find time to have lunch w/ friends and failing in that pursuit most of the time. So yeah....normal summer stuff.


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