Monday, December 17, 2012

Year End Posts - 2012 Color - Red

It's that time of year where I start clearing out all my files in the anticipation of starting fresh in January. I'll be doing one of each of my colors in the color files and probably some other home decor clean-outs as well to end all my 2012 stuff.

After that I'll be doing a round up of "best of" 2012 - best movies, best tv, best music, best books.  Maybe some other bests if I can think of them.

So to start us off in the spirit of Christmas:  RED

Are you dying over his bathroom???  I am.

Love the wallpaper in this powder room

So bold, so great

I love this idea for this lacquered cabinet this sink is on.  The sink is super cool too. 

We didn't see that much red in decor this year.  I was honestly thinking it might make a bit of a comeback.  But I don't think it's quite red's moment yet.  

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