Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beige Decor that wont Bore...

It's by far the most popular paint color sold.  Did you know 80% of houses built use this color alone inside?  And most people choose it in order to sell their home.  The reason it gets chosen to sell homes is not that it's the most interesting color, or the prettiest, or the most outstanding.  Let's be honest, it is actually the most boring.  The reason that color gets used all the time is not that everyone loves it - it's that it's so neutral you practically don't even think about it.  When people are buying a home it allows them to imagine themselves in the space because no matter what color of decor they have - red couch?  No problem, that works.  Blue table?  That works too.  It just allows people to not get hung up on the fact that they don't feel like they have to immediately re-paint.

So most of the time I don't do blog posts on beige, because I'm all about encouraging people to go out of that box.  I think most people keep that color because it seems scary to chose a different one.  But some people really like having a totally neutral feeling in their home.  Think Jeff Lewis.  Jeff doesn't go with various shades of beige, grays or whites because he doesn't know how to decorate - he does it because it can feel luxurious.  And because he knows what he's doing, and he does it fantastically well. Some people chose some really pretty beiges.  Tim Gunn recently revealed his favorite beige in Elle Decor and it's quite lovely. It's called Benjamin Moore's Wilmington Tan (but you should know this means if your contractor chose your beige it's probably not the best you can do in that department).

Which is all just to say that this post is about Beige rooms that are not boring.  A beige room that I can really get behind because it's actually lovely.

This room would be considered more of a transitional decor.  I love the yellow and black and white with the beige.  It's a really classical combination.

This room is really lovely and restful - the only real color here are those mango pillows.  Very nice.  

This room is so pretty and lively, the beige really works here because it's keeping the walls neutral so that everything else that is going on doesn't get over-whelming.  Super cute. 

I absolutely adore this room.  But I'm a huge fan of blues with beige.  

This beige is almost brown.  Look at that ceiling.  You wouldn't want to do something like that in a space that didn't have a lot of neutral.  Really cool. 

You suddenly have the urge to go to bed early?  I imagine if this were your bedroom that would happen all the time.  

Spare and simple and yes, I admit to loving it because of that darn mirror.  How awesome is that mirror?  But this beige is almost not beige...See how it nearly turns into a white?  

I love everything about this too.  That linen wall is awesome.  

So pretty and so NOT boring at all.  Sometimes having beige walls means you're allowed to do pretty much any other color you want.  These really hot colors would be hard in almost any other room, but here, they are fantastic (also...how great is the wall paper in the bathroom behind?)

Gorgeous.  To die for.  

Such a cute girl's room.  I love the hot pink.  Kids who want colors like this in their rooms - this ia a good way to let them go nuts on some bold items without making the walls crazy bold.  (some kids bedrooms get crazy because kids have a tendency to choose really vibrant colors...this avoids that problem) 

so tasteful.  I believe this is a Michael Graves room.  

It's a little frou frou in a way, but it's also kinda great.  I love those chairs with that table.  Great linen walls.  And fantastic curtains.  Those walls make it possible for you to chose those curtains and that chaise.  

So there you have it Beige Decor that didn't Bore!  

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