Saturday, November 05, 2011

Gratitude Day 5 - Art

It's no secret that I really love Art.  I kind of feel like life would be soooo empty without it.  I think art speaks to some secret place inside of us, it's like a way to communicate with our hearts and our souls where no words are neccesary. 

I pretty much feel like this about anything that falls under the big heading of ART:  dance, film, poetry, literature, design, music, photography...and of course visual arts. 

I love all the things in that list, but today I'm focusing more specifically on visual arts. There are so many ways to appreciate art in your life.  You can participate in it, make it, view it, think about it, or purchase it...I'm really thankful for all the ways the visual arts enrich my life. 

I'm not an "artist".  But I kind of feel like I have an artists mentality.  Everything that I love in life really relates back to the arts somehow.  Even my intense interest in people is inter-related to art in my mind.  I'm just really curious about a lot of things and I'm always trying to fill up that need for Art in my life.  I love things that make me feel and think, and art always does that.

I couldn't decide if I should share photos of artists I like, or new artists I've discovered or some of the art I have at my home or how I should visually represent this post.  But I've decided to show you some rooms I love filled with a number of different types of art on the walls or showcased in some way that really makes a house sing.  I would love it so much if everyone took a moment or two to decide what they would have on the walls of their home if money were no object, and then to set about scaling down that idea in a manageable, obtainable, financially feasible way.  One thing I did this year was produced some of my own art work.  Some were collages and some were typographic style things that I did.  I know they are not important pieces of artwork, but they are important to me, and I really have enjoyed experimenting and making them. 

I just find this incredibly appealing as an entry

I love this painting from Sabrina Soto's house

There's a lot of cool stuff going on here, but that Nixon with a cup of coffee is excellent

Isn't the pixelation on the painting cool?

I just find this mysterious and intriguing

love that they have so much space for all this art

I've always loved pop art

this is from Young House Love - I adore that they've framed so many different things here and together it's this really great artistic vision for the wall. 

I've always loved this painting

I adore the simplicity of this

I have a painting a little like this in my home, and I love it.

This might even be a wallpaper, but I think it's super cool.

Beautiful.  I love the art work that hangs in my bathroom, I almost always spend some time looking at it when I'm taking a bath.  

In an effort to show my gratitude for art today I really thought about how I might re-arrange a few pieces of art I already have in my home and how I could create another piece for a bare spot in a hallway. 

I'm loving the 30 days of gratitude and being able to really be mindful about everything that is great about my life.

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Raven Blackmane said...

I figure I don't need to do 30 days of Gratitude because so far you've listed things that I would list. I just nod and agree. Art is everywhere and I love it.


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