Friday, November 25, 2011

The Best White Rooms of 2011

Well, as we're winding down towards the end of the year I'm going to be emptying my color files from this computer and giving you the best of the year.  Hopefully I'll have a new computer in the next month or so and I'll be retiring this one from being the spot where all the folders are contained.  I love this computer but it's so old it can't even be upgraded anymore! 

I'm also thinking of doing a tab of some sort on the side bar so that It's easier to search through and find rooms of a specific color.  There are labels and that should work too, but recently I've had two people ask me about finding a specific photo of a specific room and it might be easier to find them that way.  We'll see.  Trying to make things a little more intuitive.  My number of visitors per month just continues to go up. 

The Best White Rooms of 2011

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Myrenda said...

I like your white rooms. I think my favorite was that kitchen with the touches of orange. I wish I could redo my kitchen like that. I also like your Selena Gomez song. I admit it that is a catchy song and it has gotten into my head.


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