Friday, November 04, 2011

Gratitude Day 4 - "This American Life"

Is it weird that I'm thankful enough for "This American Life" to include it in my 30 days of gratitude?  
Maybe.  But when I think about things I'm grateful for this is pretty high up on the list.  Have you listened to it?  If you haven't, it's pretty hard to explain.  In fact, a straight up explanation of it sounds like this really boring concept.  But actually it's NEVER boring.  It has a way of making me laugh, or making me cry, or making me think, or making me happy, or making me angry every single time.  What more can you possibly ask for in your entertainment?  And often, it's informative WHILE being entertaining.  You try doing that every week and keeping it interesting and fresh!  It's not easy, but somehow they always have an amazing hours worth of radio.  

In case for some really odd reason you've never heard of Ira Glass or This American Life - it's a public radio program that airs Saturdays here in Arizona.  It's produced in Chicago by WBEZ Chicago and I guarantee it's awesomeness.  

I've listened to it in my car on Saturdays, on long road trips, on burned CDs, on my IPod (podcast) and on my computer while I'm doing bills or chores.  It keeps me company so well I can't listen to it if I have a task I need to concentrate on (oh how I wish it could keep me company during math, but that would never work!  I'd quit thinking about math altogether).

If for some bizarre reason you haven't discovered it yet, please remedy that situation immediately.  (you can get back episodes HERE)

Thanks Ira Glass, for making your brain child "This American Life" - it's makes my life better than it otherwise would be every single time I listen in. 


Raven Blackmane said...

I <3 Ira Glass. And I'm sure he would be annoyed by my emoticon heart. My husband turned me on to This American Life and I have never stopped listening to it since.

Bandanamom said...

Oh I don't know - I bet Ira is tolerant of emoticons. :) He's awesome. I've only known one person who didn't like him. Seriously? I knew I couldn't be close friends with that person.


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