Tuesday, November 15, 2011

gratitude - day 15 - food

I planned my Thanksgiving menu last night.  It was kind of fun to figure out what I'm making or how I might do it a little differently than usual.  I really appreciate - truly appreciate, that we are so blessed to have such an abundance of food in this country.  The variety of food available is nothing short of astounding. 

So I was watching Paula Deen yesterday (DANG, that woman knows how to add cream cheese to everything...it's very seductive programming when one is dieting), and I found something I've never before noted while watching her show.

Her son - Jamie Deen:

DANG.  This guy said some really really cute stuff, he's absolutely darling, he knows how to cook and he seems nice as all get out.

And he's married.  So you know, it's a slightly inappropriate crush on my part. 

But I must admit this is a pretty instananeous LIKE that I feel for this man. 

So this was just going to be a post on gratitude for food. 

But I'm also thankful for cute men in the food industry, and especially I am thankful for Jamie Deen's dimples. 

good gravy he's beautiful. 


calizona said...

OWWW! He's Beeeutiful! Adorable.

Can he make gravy?

bandanamomtoo said...

:) I am pretty damn sure he can make gravy.


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