Sunday, September 12, 2010



ever wear white after labor day? I never understood that fashion rule (plus, I don't think that rule exists anymore). But certainly you can always think about white in terms of your decor.

When I was little my mom made us wear our black patent leather shoes to church after labor day until Easter, on Easter, we got some white patent leather shoes and maybe some white sandals which would could wear...until labor day. :)

I've talked about it before here - how white is not my first choice in decor. But I must say that I do love it if it's done well - if it's on purpose, not just because you're afraid of color. So here are some white rooms that I really do like a lot:

This is a restaurant, but don't you love those lights? And I think the beige carpet helps with all the white, the other thing I like here are those ghost legs on the chairs. This could be a cool concept for a dining room in a house I think.

This is so white it's ridiculous. But don't you love how over the top white it is? The reason it works is because it is FULL of texture, the herringbone floor, the rug, that wallpaper, even the throws on the chair and the bed, it's just such a peace filled space isn't it? totally impractical for most of us, but I do love it.

What I loved here was how by using dark wood, and a different wood on the floor, it's okay to keep the walls white. I also totally, totally DIG that light.

I'm into the ghost chairs with the chandelier look. I'm just glad I'm not the one keeping those floors clean.

Here's a gorgeous example of room that is mostly white, but adds color in ways that totally keep it from being boring at all. Love it.

okay how can you not love EVERYTHING about this? That chair with just the touch of black accenting and then that mirror??? Oh I LOVE that mirror, I really want to do something like that.
The simple addition of the mismatched and colorful chairs with the natural woods pulls this all together. Great idea. and so easy for ANYONE to pull off.
This is obviously a gorgeous space. I think if I were to ever go white, this is what I would do, white with TONS of colorful art work and pillows.

Just the touch of color on the bedding makes this a not boring space. I really like that bedding too.
This looks like the perfect place to read a book doesn't it? That british flag rug makes the whole thing work and stay away from staid and boring.


Kate said...

I love purple rain! this is a very cool website.
love ya!

Kate said...

i love purple rain! this is a very cool website.
love ya!

Bandanamom said...

Thank you long time friend, first time visitor Kate. :)


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