Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chalk it up...old school style.


halk it up...

Don't you love a chalk board? I'm pretty set on incorporating at least one chalkboard wall in what is going to be my office. I think there would be something really satisfying about having a 'to do' list in big chalk letters up on the wall. I also think they look kind of hip. I just have to decide which wall I want done in chalkboard paint. I think I'm close to getting started...but not quite there yet. I need a little more time, but hopefully soon I'll be able to start sharing before and after photos.

Do kids ever even have chalk boards in school these days? It seems like everything is marker boards and smart boards doesn't it?

Chalk boards are so old school now. Literally.

Here are some ideas with chalk board paint that I really like:

I found out if you want to be able to hang things on it - there's a magnetized paint you can use under the chalk board coat.

The idea of having the chalkboard on the back of a door is a cool idea...there's something about this entry that seems uber dreary though...what is that door bell? How old is THAT? I don't know, this needs some help. But I do like the door idea...

I really liked this idea of doing it outside somewhere too - I don't know if I'd ever do it or not, but kids love to play on a chalk board so much, I think a grandma with a chalk board wall could be a very popular grandma. I'd like to be a popular grandma some day.

I'd like to be a cool and popular grandma. :)

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