Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can't sleep...


can't sleep anymore. Pretty all. I'm relatively certain I've seen studies that this causes a type of madness eventually. Don't even bother suggesting anything to cure me because I've probably tried it already. I'm now hoping it just goes away if I don't worry about it. Because I think worrying about it is just making it even worse.

So sometimes at 3:00 am when I am just tired of being tired and tired of trying to sleep, I randomly look at things on the internet which I am never going to purchase but which are pretty or cool or just a way to amuse myself for 15 minutes before trying to sleep again (you can only read in bed or watch tv or write so much...)

So here's what I found at 3:38 am this morning. First off I started thinking how it's weird that my eyesight is actually getting - well, I guess, worse - when I'm reading or looking at the laptop up close, I sometimes prefer to not wear my glasses at all. And then I started thinking about new glasses. And I found these:

which I cute are those?

and then I found these Chanel ones, which are a close second...but probably more expensive

and then I started thinking about how cute all of Kate Spades stuff is (the first glasses are Kate Spade) and I found these, which look like Christmas morning:

really great right?

And then I started thinking about jewelry, which led to images like these:

(that's a Tiffany cuff, silver ring, and Hermes watch)

Which got me started thinking about an Hermes bag...and if you could get a Birkin, but you could only get ONE ever, what color would you get?
And THAT'S how I finally fell asleep...

Thinking about what color of Birkin I would get...

What color would you get?

currently running close to $9,000 depending on what type of leather you have (small scale alligator is the most expensive)

Which is probably why I finally fell asleep...because then I was definitely thinking about something which was no longer logical at all...


Callie said...

caljo1234OH Lezlee I love it! I have to think of random out there things to sleep too! But not that cute and organized! I like the purple one!

I Am Boymom said...

At least you try to find a way to stop the worry...I just wallow in it. But I so get the late night internet sessions due to insomnia. That's usually when I catch up on my blog reading.

Hailey Broadbent said...

Is is bad that I already have my Birkin picked out? Black crocodile with gold hardware. Boring, I know. But if you're going to buy a $10k bag you want it to be practical, right?
Or orange ostrich...

Suzanne Barker said...

I'm so glad SOMETHING put you to sleep! wouldn't reading something really boring do it?


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