Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neither Black or White?


either black or white? Maybe gray?

Normally, I have not been a big fan of gray in decor. Not that many years ago a woman I know painted the walls of her house gray and I really hated it. I know some people are into it, but I really felt like it was...dreary. However, I do think lately I've seen some gray's that I like. The interesting thing about grays, if you look at them, they are neither white nor black but they usually have this tone that skews towards blues or lavenders. When you pair them with some bold pops of color, I especially think they can look good. I don't know if I would ever do it myself to be honest...I'm such a big fan of color, that I can't really imagine a scenario where gray would seem like the best option for me. But I do think if you're a little scared of color, it really does beat beige. Why does everyone resort to beige? It's so awful.

This is just a really great room - with so much good natural light. I love the pops of lime here, and I really like the white trim with the gray. See how you can mix all the different finishes? the darker wood table, the white and the wood floor? Some people are afraid to start mixing things like that. But in this case, it really all works.

Even though I would think an entire room full of that gray carpet with gray walls is WAY too much gray, that bold rug and chair make it okay somehow.

This is a gorgeous room, but let's be honest, those pink flowers are really the best thing. Gray with pink can be a great combination.

See like here - gray with pink! I also love that painting. I don't know if it's a painting or if they framed fabric or paper with those stripes, but I do think it's a great idea and so easy to copy.

Yeah, the painting is a little too reminiscent of the Partridge Family, I agree, but gray with yellow looks really good.

I kind of wish the couch were a different color - but the bright blue in the artwork, paired with the gray, is great.

Okay I can do without the mannequin torso, but I love the pink here.

I adore that bed and foot board cushion.
Love this!

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