Thursday, September 09, 2010

Falling in love....with art....


alling in love can be painful.

Falling in love with art can be painful too, because sometimes, just like in a real relationship, the timing can be all wrong.

It's awful when that happens. When you really, really want to bring that piece of art home but you just don't have the money for it right now. Or the space. Or whatever the reason is - someone else got to it first - however that heartbreak happens, it's still heartbreak.

You can't help it though. You just fall in love anyway and even though you know you'll never be together - you never quit thinking about that particular piece either....

Here is one I fell in love with a couple of years ago...I don't know where it ended up or who owns it now, but whoever does, I hope they love it as much as I do - I hope it's hung somewhere lovingly and prominently where all who enter can enjoy.

The artists name is Glenn Ness and he's done some other cool things too (those this remains my one true love that got away):

You'll notice a common theme in some of these paintings - what is it with me and the water themes and swimming pools? I don't know, I've tried to explain this before and it's just a thing I have and I already have enough other stuff to figure out in therapy than to spend my time contemplating where the obsession with swimming pools comes from other than that one Chanel No. 5 commercial I've blogged about here before. Just stick with me here, because these are some cool paintings and some cool artists. Some of these are available as prints on Etsy and so those are actually affordable!

This artist's name is Eric Zener and he does these amazing oil paintings. Don't you love them? Oh I just adore them.

This is a photographer I love - she sells her prints on Etsy and you can see her work on flickr too - her name is Alicia Bock, the thing I love about her stuff is it has this really great nostalgic feel, and there's this grainy, ethereal quality to the photo's.

This artist's name is Clare Elsaesser and her prints are available on etsy where she goes by taststesorangey. They kind of remind me a little of the qualities I like about Brian Kershisnik, but with a more affordable price tag.

This artist is Leah Gibberson - she does a lot of these little suburban snippets, kind of retro, mid century nostalgia types of things. They have such a great wistful quality.

Some of this artists work is a little too intense for me, but I do love this one called "striped cot" - Artist's name is Karen Ann Myers

Sadly, I currently own no work from any of these artists...but maybe someday...I leave you with one more inspiring work from Eric Zener:


Lindsey said...

Those zener paintings are seriously incredible. And I love that one of the silver trailer where you can see the neighborhood in the reflection. WANT IT!!!

Suzanne Barker said...

I love them!


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