Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay so where were we? Oh yeah....part 4


here were we?

We're on part 4...of what I thought would be a 4 part series, but which I now see will probably be much longer.

Okay so part one was to convince you WHY it mattered

Part two was WHERE to start

Part Three was HOW to deal with potential problems and great and simple solutions

And Part Four is where some of your Panache comes in


you have artwork you love:

(more about this artist later, but don't you love it? she's available on etsy)

You have decided to either cover your couch in a neutral slip cover or ignore it and just go with what you have regardless:

And then you picked out some cool pillows to go with it and you didn't worry too much about being matchy matchy - because matchy matchy is bad. Usually.

and now your room already looks a million times better. But it's still not there yet. Let's think about something out of the ordinary - some little thing to add a little panache to the space. How about some typography?

These are all SUPER simple ones:

Are you inspired yet? Just a couple more things to mention and we should be there!


Cynthia said...

oh wow -- I might paint my stairs. way cute!

Lana said...

I LOVE that you are doing this!

People come in my house and ohhh & awww (it's really nothing special-I just put a little effort into it) and they go on & on about how they WISH their house could be more like mine.


I will never understand why most people live the way they do. It doesn't take a ton of time or a ton of money to make your house somewhere you want to be. It just takes effort.


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