Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The last of the summer popsicles...Grape


ummer's almost over? How did that happen?

I've been out of town to my 25 yr class reunion. I had a great time. Actually though, a post on that coming later in the week, first before summer passes us by, a quick post to finish up the popsicle color themes. My least favorite flavor: Grape. Least favorite thing about summer? That it comes to end. I love summer.

But here are some grape(ish) rooms if you are so inclined. I've said it before - purple can be really tricky to pull off, but if you can do it right ...you might be just a smidge cooler than the rest of people on your block.

I know you're skeptical, but come on, you only live once, and look how cool it can be:

It feels like if you spent summer inside this room, you'd just be reading really smart books, staying inside, avoiding the sun, or you'd be re-reading something like "The Great Gatsby" or "Catcher in the Rye" and at the end of summer you'd feel all smug and smart.

Isn't that color just awesome? I once knew a woman who's bedroom was close to this - she called it Raspberry, but I really think this leans just a little more grape than raspberry. Love it.

It feels like if this were my office I would be so productive all day. And every idea I had would be smart. And hip. And everyone would always agree with me. And think I said the smartest things and had the best ideas.

Greens and purples really work well together. I also like how they've thrown the different chairs together here.

I don't know who really dares to choose this. I mean when you're looking at the wallpapers...there are soooo many. How do you decide? But whoever DID decide on this was a genius.

This almost has grandma written on it. But the thing is this seems more like grandma's slightly naughty aunt who always has a purse full of pills to share. Doesn't it? Which makes it a lot better.

Same smarty pants desk/office, different angle, but now that you've seen the whole desk, you're even more convinced the person sitting here should be making all the decisions on the project right?

There's something so retro about this and slightly stuffy European but it somehow turns another corner and looks like Kate Spade might use it for her next inspiration for a very modern and smart collection.
Love it for this dining room. So brave. But it looks excellent with all the white molding.

Everything about this I love. Except no one with children would ever have that black floor. Purple and Red? Of course.

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