Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is this sinking in yet? Part Three


et's continue with this theme of easy simple steps to create room you love, that makes you want to come home, sink into the pillows of the couch and say AHHHHHH. So speaking of sinking in to a couch...

Before I said you may have a couch you aren't in love with, or chairs, or whatever. Well, that can be fixed later. There are a lot of options to replace one somewhat cheaply - Ikea is a good place for a new one that's cheap, but sometimes you sacrifice comfort for price. Craig's list is an awesome place to look. Or garage sales and second hand shops. But if you really can't afford to replace the one(S) you have, at least consider a slip cover, preferably in a neutral of some sort. But you know what? Sometimes the ugliest, most awful couch can be fixed very simply without even changing the couch. REALLY. Let me give you some examples

All the couches I am showing you won an online ugly couch contest. Really the problem here isn't even this plaid couch, it's that awful carpet! Rip that up and go down to the cement floor if you have to - if there's hardwood under there, all the better. Take those stupid throws off of it and honestly - okay, it's not great but it fixable, and I'll show you how in a minute.

I swear on a holy stack of bibles this looks like the first couch I had in our basement apartment when we lived in Sugar House Utah.

Get rid of the clutter people and I'll show you how to make this look retro-cool.

Okay now one big problem we have here is this thing is practically falling apart. It DOES need a lot of help. But if it weren't for the giant rips, I still think this is even doable. I would rip off the rest of that arm cushion and paint the wood at least. And if I were totally poor and couldn't even consider re-doing this or having someone do it or buying a new one? I'd make my own patchwork couch by hot gluing fabric over all the rips. Oh you think I'm crazy? Well I would. And it might not look as good as these but I LOVE patchwork couches:

And then I would put big huge stitches all around the patchwork areas just to make it look like Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors That Her Momma Made for Me". But that's me, and I digress, one more ugly couch...

This isn't even that bad! It just needs some help. So what kind of help. PILLOWS!!!!!!!

Pillows can solve everything!

Look at this small sampling of cool pillows that you could use to turn around almost any couch if you give it some thoughtful consideration. The uglier the couch, the more pillows you need. :) And if you DON'T have an ugly couch, guess what? Instantly gorgeous room kiddos.

I've totally convinced you haven't I? You've now got artwork and cool pillows? You're at least half way to having a room that you'll love!

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