Saturday, August 28, 2010

And now for Part 5 - Lights, Camera, Action...


nd now for part 5...

And yes, there's probably at least a part 6 and maybe even a 7 - mainly because I'm trying to break this down into the most simple and basic steps that I possibly can.

Okay so if you missed the other parts see Here, Here, Here & Here...

And basically what we're trying to accomplish is we are trying to break down into the most simplistic means imaginable a way to turn your basically blah decor into something a little more exciting. Something that makes you feel good when you walk in the room. Something that makes you proud to have people over. Something that just elevates your mood just if only just a smidge when it's been a tough day.

So part 5


Now, I'll admit this is something that I have yet learned to completely incorporate in the way that I would like to. I have big plans, but they've not been fully implemented yet - but I can see that lighting in a room, whether a table lamp, floor lamp, or hanging lamp can make a huge difference. I have these kind of nautical lamps hanging in my kitchen that I really like and I think they make the space much more interesting. When I finally get that new bedroom finished I'm working on (more updates on that slowly moving project later), I'd like to at least work some cool lighting in there in a few spots to really add something special to the room.

So consider it. If you don't want to completely change the over-head lighting, add an interesting table lamp or floor lamp. If you can change the over-head lighting but you don't want to spend a ton of money can I just say that again ETSY is a great place to find cool stuff. And Ikea has some great knock-off expensive looking danish and modern lighting for cheaps. But here are some inspiring photos to get you started, and if you're super handy, some of these are even DIY projects (and don't let the super polished rooms discourage you, JUST look at the lighting):

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