Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up my 365


atching up some 365 photos.

It's frustrating - there's so many times I drive by something I really WANT to take a photo of, but I just can't always find the time. But here's the latest.

I also started a new 365 project. But you'll have to wait a year for me to unveil it. I started thinking about how it's such an era of people taking self-portraits. My daughter takes a lot of photos of herself and her friends on her phone. Kids upload photos of themselves all the time. It's become a somewhat narcissistic age/era in our culture. But how often do 40 something housewives do this? We don't. And we didn't do it when we were their age either. Because we didn't all carry portable cameras around with us and we had to actually pay to get film developed and there are all kind of reasons really too - like the film being notoriously unreliable (all my old Polaroids are fading fast) etc. So I was thinking it would be kind of ironic and tongue in cheek, but fun (in a sort of sick way) to take some sort of photo of myself every day for 365 and call it the narcissism project. But I thought it would be more fun to reveal that in a year when it's totally done. I'm actually kind of liking it. In a weird way it's making me think a lot about who I am and how we present ourselves to the world or what we look like on a daily basis and how sometimes, who we are, literally changes every day. sometime in May of 2011 you can look forward to that - but for now - the regular update.

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