Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dreaming in Blue, Bleu, Azure, Indigo & Turquoise - Part Trois

I 've been thinking about why this image of this particular Chanel no. 5 commercial struck me so strongly and has stayed with me for so many years. I could probably only underplay it's significance. I've decided it has a major mental impact on me that has probably influenced who I have become in a strange might even be too personal to explain on a public blog.

In the meantime, the pool is starting to look really attractive:

But I digress....(which is easy to do when there is a pool somewhere near waiting to be utilized)....

Let's contemplate rooms in Blue, Azure, Indigo & Turquoise:

1 comment:

JustJoeP said...

The Chanel commercials DO burn a powerful image in one's long term memory. Your photo here captures the essence somewhat...

Though I am not a Madmen fan I wonder what Don Draper would think of this subconscious implant.


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