Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Project - Are you As Excited as I am ? :)


lowly (and I do mean, very slowly) this project is coming together. More in my head than in reality, but in my head, it's almost done. It's only a matter of time before I pull it all together.

First the "before" photos:

new room before

the room with the few remaining paint chips left (I started out with 4 times as many at least)


I'm going to post all four walls - I realize it's kind of boring, but it gives you an idea of the dimension of the room, etc.

new room project

new room project

hall to bath

That last one is the view down the hall towards the master bath. Eventually I would like to build a door which will either be on this side of master bath or which will block the master bath from the room which is currently my bedroom, but which is going to turn into a home office/study. The other doorway on the right leads to my walk in closet.

My idea is that this room, while not as full of light, and not as large, as my current bedroom, is more quiet, big enough for a bed, etc. and offers a little more privacy (currently my kids barge through my room constantly to get to the master bath if they are outside or if they are in the family room) I would also really like a room dedicated as a 'study'. Currently my desk is in a spot that I think could fit a small kitchen table with a few chairs, it would look much cleaner and neater to get it away from where it is. In spite of my best efforts to keep that area tidy, it's a desk, and always ends up with ephemera that I am not sure what to do with all the time and everyone who walks into the heart of my house has to pass by that desk:

Have I bored you to tears yet? I'm excited about this project but it's a little tedious to explain.

Okay so I decided I still love GREEN more than any other color. And I'm especially in love with the bold and bright greens I've been seeing lately, so for inspiration I've been looking at things like this:

It's not easy to find the right green for that room because the light changes so much during the day. What I love in the morning seems way too dark at night. But I think I've finally found a bold, medium toned green that I hope will be perfect. My only hesitation is the name....leprechaun . Is that silly? Should I care? I'd feel more confident if it were called summer meadow or something like that.

Anyway, I've decided to mix in some bold pinks, reds and a little bit of blue. And I little black and white. I know it sounds psychotic. But bear with me I really think it will turn out.

I recently bought new bedding so that's going in there too - and that was taken into account when I looked at the paint chips:


Also going with me into that room is my art deco mirror that was my Grandma Peterson's. Over the years this mirror has been a source of serious dislike among my peers. But I've always liked it:

deco mirror

Also I have some crazy art projects and craft projects up my sleeve (remember when I talked about doing the crazy craft projects? well...I started them last night):

the smiths

And a few weeks ago I did this:

organic circles

And I'm going to make my own head board, something like one of these:

Still with me? Because I have plans for a side table and a cool lamp too.

Okay I don't know which one for sure, but just a cool one.

So stay tuned and I will keep updating you on the progress. I have ideas for other art features and ways to pull it all together that I think will make it super awesome.

Either that or it WILL look psychotic.



Suzanne Barker said...

It's going to be AMAZING!

Heidi said...

I agree that lighting makes picking a paint color difficult...that was my #1 mistake in painting our house. My kitchen is green. In some lights I love it and in other light I hate it. Oh well, I don't have the energy to paint again right now. I'm just saying that there is a lot of wisdom in how you decide what color to paint a room :)

I'm sure your room will turn out awesome.

amadi_construction said...

In colour therapy, green is the colour of healing and growth. It’s calming and restful and brings balance to the soul......it’s also a lucky colour! Good luck

Cynthia said...

Can't wait to see the end product!

Sarah said...

I love, love, love green! Let me know if I can come over and help! Heidi, your kitchen is green? I never even noticed! Your awesome cabinets and appliance choices kind of catch the eye first I guess.

Jenny-Jenny said...

I'm excited to watch it progress! Frequent updates requested!!!


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