Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Colorful Thinking


ho thinks in color besides me? Anyone know what I'm talking about?

In my head the months of the year are color coded: for instance January is Blue - and in my head it's like a map, I can see a whole year, it has a physical space, each day, each week, has a physical space, and I see where I am in relation to that space. And each letter of the alphabet and each number also has a color - sometimes more than one color, but usually just one. For instance the letter "A" is always red. That isn't to say if I'm reading something all the letters show up as colored in my head - but just if someone said for instance that their name was "Carol" since 'C' is yellow in my head, their name would be color coded Yellow. Am I the only person who does this? I can't be! But often when I mention it to other people they look at me like I've lost it.

So I would like to do a color inspiration post today - and in honor of June starting, I would normally choose green. Because J is Green and so is June! But I just did a post on green rooms since I'm redecorating my bedroom and it's going to be green. So enough with the green already right?

But my brain is almost hurting thinking of doing any other color. Does this mean something? I hope it doesn't mean I'm seriously mental. It's June. The post should be green. So the best I can do is this, let's do a post on BOLD! That's What SUMMER is all about right?!

I love this for such obvious reasons. The chair is right up my alley - but with the lamp and the bright pink painting? Awesome.

Don't you seriously want to spend your entire summer in this room? Even if it was the dead of winter wouldn't you feel like it was summer in here and you were about to go to the beach anytime you wanted, even if you weren't anywhere near a beach??

How fab is that credenza? With the dark floors? And that pinkish table...big love for his room.

There's a lot of white here, but I love how they've added in this great colorful plaid couch and then thrown in the zebra print rug. I mean, honestly, would you think to do a plaid couch with a zebra print rug? You probably be wouldn't. But it really does look super great.

One thing I like about this - and I've seen it quite a bit lately, is where they take a bookcase, or an inset area and paint it a different color than the rest of the room. I'm not sure if I'd ever be bold enough to do that to my off white shelves in my family room, but the result is really cool here.

Lots of things I love here - the way they've painted the armoire, the turquoise with the reds and the black and white PLUS I love that little painting, because it's almost like something you could just do yourself.

Okay it's a kids nursery or playroom, and it would look insane anywhere else, but it looks super cute here.

How boring could this room be without that ceiling? I mean, it would be okay, but you really wouldn't even notice it all that much. But that ceiling is SO GREAT!

Are you getting that this is a BABY'S ROOM? Is this not the most colorful sophisticated baby's room you've ever seen in your life?

Did I ever tell you how much I love these colorful SMEG fridges? Oh I would love one so much. The only problem is that I'm torn between how darn cute they are and the fact that I love having a fridge with an automatic ice dispenser.

Orange and black and white with some pink thrown in for good measure. Success!

Nobody would ever dare mix pink and red. Why would you risk it? THIS is why you would risk it, because it could look fabulous.

I admit this looks a little like you live in a space egg. Or like it might be from A Clockwork Orange, which is not a very flattering comparison to make I realize. But I do like it if you think of it as one of those Spanish cavey houses - and I think pink and green always are fantabulous together.

OHHHH I wish I would do something like this without worrying too much. Isn't it supercalafragilisticexpealidocious?

What's this doing here? It's not even a room at all.'s here because I CANNOT GET THIS IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD. I love it.

Someone has gone crazy! Andy Warhol weird print, giant MOLAR, Huge white ceramic (or is that plastic?) DOG? Weird wood and chrome table. Strangest end tables on earth...psycho lamps. But you gotta admire the chutzpa of it don't you?

That bed is....well, in the words of Rachel Zoe (who I realize is kind of obnoxious sometimes...but still, she really works in this context) "I die".

Doesn't this so much remind you of how cool Demi Moore's (Jules) apartment is in St. Elmo's fire? Wouldn't you totally feel like you were visiting 1986? Maybe just without the cocaine addiction?

I don't know if I've ever seen a bathroom shower I've ever liked more than this one. Seriously.

Green, and blue and pink, a little purple? SURE, why NOT???

Too many prints going on? Not really.

I'm not a super big fan of the cloudy walls. But I do dig on that couch.

See what I mean? You need to do this at your house.

I have this whole patchworky love thing going on lately. And window seats are always a secret crush of mine.

Nooks to curl up and read books in bold colors? Yes please.

Okay I just loved this outdoor shot and had to include it here.

I don't even know for sure what is going on here, or how they did or anything. But I know that it's cheerful as all get out.

Love that bedspread and love it paired with the blue wall and the nutty lamp.

Yeah again, with the patchwork...

This is a baby nursery so you can get away with tangerine and lime.
I never thought of doing two different colored panels of curtains until lately - I think this is the second time I've seen it, and now I'm sort of thinking "yeah, why not?"

Black & pink, is always a winner in a sort of Audrey Hepburnish way isn't it?

Yes, this is decoupage Andy Warhol kitchen cabinets. I think Mr. Warhol would be proud.

Again with the patchworky moracanish thing? Yeah, again, cause I can't eve get enough of it.

What's going on here? I don't know, but I sure respond to it - is that rooster doing the goose step?

Have a teen who likes to do 'tags'? Here's a solution that won't get them in trouble with the law.

I know what you're going to say, YES I'm into this stuff right now. Mismatchy prints, patchworky craziness. It's all good!


Cynthia said...

Really? letters are colors? I've never experienced that. However, the days of the week are always in a circle in my head, so I guess I deal with shapes instead of colors. Although, as you explain it, I'd like to think in color.
I love the bold colors. Do you think you'd get tired of something so bold and out of the ordinary sooner? That would worry me.

bandanamomtoo said...

I know, I am weird that way. It must be part of some latent mentalness that is undiagnosed. Like a savantism that does no one any good. Except I do LIKE that I think that way.

I do think bold things can get tiring after a while - but I think I get tired of less bold things even faster. Let's face it, I just tend to get bored with decor after a while no matter what so I am thinking no matter what I do, I will always be changing it up. I think my new bedroom is going to be ridiculously bold. I showed my mother some of my plans and she looked slightly horrified. Did I mention my mother has all white walls and always has? So house is kind of a little too much for her. :)

bandanamomtoo said...

But circles for days of the week? That's just weird!

No but what does that look like? Each day is a circle? Is the week a circle? My days are squares within square weeks within square months, like a calendar, except the calendar has a shape as a whole so it goes left to right Jan-April, takes a slightly right hand turn in May and then continues in a straight line all the way to December. So it looks like a big L, with the longer part of the L from May through December - although it does angle slightly from September through December. Hmmmm... makes me curious how other people thing in terms of time/space. Is your year a circle too? That sounds very much more zen or something doesn't it?


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