Monday, June 07, 2010

Cool Pools


uess what today was?

Yep, officially summer here in Phoenix and back to swim team and life guarding for my kids.

So in honor of that - a post on cool pools. I just love the way a pool looks! So inviting. Sometimes I just like being able to gaze out the back window at mine, even if I can't use it every day.

But in honor of summer, here are some fab pools:

Oh I love this...and I love a pool with old fashioned micro sized tiles. So cool.

Okay not much pool here, but I love love these Trina Turk prints.

A little too blue blood for my taste, but still fab.

Don't you want to spend the day here? Just hanging out with your friends? Thought so.

I love these pools where they are incorporated into the architecture of the home.

Upcoming post on these guys, my new favorite bravo show - "Nine by Design" - the Sixx Design Group. (well okay almost...Jeff Lewis is still my number one fave Bravo show)


Gorgeous. Love the deep blue color sometimes. Usually I prefer an aqua pool. I have a thing about it. Which is why I am not a huge fan of pebble-tec pools, because the blue is never the aqua color you get with white plaster bottom pools. But I'll make an exception sometimes, and this is lovely.

This is a different shot of the pool above incorporated into the house. So great!

Not sure which is better, the lounger, the pots, or the pool with the Ocean view.

This was actually a photo I took on the AIA tour here in Phoenix. I love how the Palo Verde's flank the view from the inside of the house with that fire pit right there in the center. And this is just a re-habed 1960s era pool. Honestly, the 60s era pools are usually still my favorite.

Great loungers! Someday I'll have to replace my wicker ones (those are only going hold up so many years here in the Phoenix sun...) and I hope I can get something super cool like this.

Again, mid-century modern tugs at my heart every time.

My only regret about my pool is that we let the pool architect talk us into one small light. I love a lit pool at night.

This is here in Arizona. Don't you love it?

Wouldn't it be fun to have like a pool house - maybe with your home office out there? Except would you ever get anything done?

Different shot of the pool above lit at night...this is my favorite, favorite look - so inviting at night. I'll admit to skinny dipping in mine once in a while when it looks like this at night.


I think I've featured this before. This is the house, not the pool house. The whole house is like 800 sq. feet. The concept was to focus on the pool with a small living space. I think it's dreamy.

So very zen.

I just love, love this image.

This is the sixx design house again. I love that wooden deck at the end of the pool. GREAT idea. But I love most of their ideas.

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