Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shine a Little Light


o...I'm basically busier than a one armed wall paper hanger. And frankly none of it is stuff I really WANT to be doing. What I really WANT to be doing is re-decorating around my house. But maybe if I get my priorities straight some of that can happen later in the summer. For now I am running kids to swim and doctors appointments and activities, trying to fit in a whole slew of homework and tests, trying to figure out why I said I would be a cabin mom and get all the prep work done I need for that. We're training a puppy and are now a 3 dog house (who's insane idea was that and why did I sign off on it?) Not to mention a slew of other random personal issues I have deal with. Oh and did I mention tax crap and going through millions of files? SO I'm really too busy to do any sort of cohesive blog post at the moment. But just because I have like 10 minutes to myself between task one and the pick up at the pool, I thought I'd share some inspiring lighting images I've been collecting.

I think sometimes light fixtures can totally MAKE a room. But they are often very overlooked in the design process - sort of an after-though. Oh and don't ever let your contractor chose your light. It seems like every time I get near the end of a project that I've had someone else work on the contractor will say 'oh and since you didn't chose a light I just picked this up' and inevitably it will be something hideous. My house was built in the 1950s before people thought much about overhead lights, almost all the rooms were lit with lamps, and I love lamps, but you've got to have some overhead light sometimes to add some penache. So I offer some inspiring images that I love, maybe you'll find something you love to - maybe all you need for your room to look new and interesting again is a coat of paint and new light fixture.

Also I changed the blog music to Bosa Nova, just because it's so darn retro-cool and will put you in the mood for summer.

Cute cool and CHEAP

Surprisingly there are several artists on etsy who do this bubble lamps and they are not all that expensive. I love, love love them.

Okay I'm sure this is pricey but this is one of my favorite bathrooms ever and that light just makes it.

Cute and cool lamps, AWESOME view.

I know, I'm obsessed with the bubble thing.

I love these because you can change them out all the time and the room looks totally different.


I know, again...there's something very Chihuly-esque about them.

As I recall these people made this themselves. I love some of the ones that people use wine bottles to do. I've seen those in a lot of restaurants lately and they are very cool.

Okay - back to my REAL tasks....hopefully more time to tackle projects later....


Noelle said...

So there is this thing I know how to do... It's called grocery shopping. And picking up kids. And taking said kids away from the house. And running a slew of other errands. I am actually quite good at them! :) Just sayin'.

Bandanamom said...

Oh I know Noelle! I will totally ask you to do something if I can't get everything done. But you are also busy! And it's your birthday week silly!

Suzanne Barker said...

You know I'm just starting to get to know Noelle and she is the greatest!


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