Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red Hot Tuesday


ed is a big commitment. The first time I considered doing a red wall was the first time I visited a friends house (Kristi Riding) who had a red wall. You can see her red wall from the street and I just thought it looked so cool and so BOLD. It was years from that point until I finally tried a red wall myself, but it really is a great way to make a statement if you dare.

And finding the right red isn't always so easy either - red can veer off into a Coral or a Tomato or a Burgundy pretty quickly. And I really just wanted RED. I finally think I have found the perfect Red (Dunn Edwards Red Hot Jazz) - I have it on my front door and outside by the fire pit. But some people like tomato, or coral or burgundy - do whatever you like!

There is a fine line between Oranges and Reds - so much so that I there is a specific orangey red that to me is almost exactly equally both red AND orange at the same time.

An ALL red room might be really hard to live with. It is hard for me to imagine a scenario where you would want more than one or two walls of red in any room. It's just such a strong color. I have one wall in my kitchen red and one in the front room, and that's kind of enough red to make the whole house feel like there is a lot of red.

Red is an awesome accent color too - and lately I really like it with bright blue.

Red is very energizing!


Jenny-Jenny said...

1. I have a red wall and love it.
2. fun Campbells soup wall hangings
3. I like the way you always start with a cool chair.

Meghan and Randy said...

Lezlee, in my bedroom at my parents house, there is a red wall. I painted it red a few years ago. Now, I also did something else at the same time. I took a spongy, dumped it in the paint, and did another wall- half of it. It had a border running throughout the middle of the walls so I did the lower half of one wall with spongy paint and another wall complete with the red with a white border in the middle. Oh, how I grew to hate the spongy wall. After a while, I painted white over it. The red wall is still there, though. :) I'd like to paint here at our apartment- we have permission to do so but when I think about the hassle of painting it back white once we move out of here, I change my mind.

bandanamomtoo said...

Meghan - That whole sponge painting trend from the 90s will hopefully never make a come-back!

BTW, when I was at your mom's on Saturday I was thinking that I really like the yellow/burnt orange thing she's got going on in the living room.

Jenny - Thanks for all the nice comments!

Heidi said...

I have a red wall in my house too. I'm now thinking that having 1 red wall in kinda trendy. Oh well. It was painted while we were on vacation and I was super nervous about it because you can't always tell what color a small color swatch is going to look like on an entire wall. Anyway, I do really like it next to my green kitchen.


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