Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coming in 2010 - Photo a Day


hotography is a love of mine. I've been thinking to mix it up here on the blog next year I might try doing a photo a day. You know, just to add some random self-imposed requirement on my already somewhat chaotic life.

I do feel sometimes that my life consists of large amounts of trying to catch up on laundry, being a mom-taxi, worrying about what we will have for dinner (and to be honest I tend to spend more time worrying about it and not as much time actually cooking it -- I wish I were a person who loved the idea of cooking for my family but alas, I don't think I got that gene), paying bills, studying (and I do love that I am finishing school...but the studying can be tedious sometimes), and other random household tasks which are often a little mind numbing.

All of these things have to be done and none of them are particularly hard or make me unhappy. I mean for heaven's sake I could live in a tribe in Africa where I had to walk around all day collecting dung! What's to complain about? So don't get me wrong - I can appreciate the blessed state of my existence on this planet. But it's still BORING sometimes. And you know, okay, Kirk get's bored at work sometimes too (well...maybe not bored...but tired of it, yes, over-worked and over-stressed, certainly) but he has this great outlet of being a genius artist. Not that that's always easy for him either - he has to decide to go into that studio and paint even when he is feeling tired, because he has goals. He is a very goal oriented person. I am too, but I'm not as driven as he is. So I really admire that about him - but I digress...

My point is that I have a lot to do this next year. I want to get completely done with school and that's going to be my main focus. Of course there are trips I'd like to take, and children to take care of and raise and I know there will be lots of church things and social events and my life will be full of STUFF TO DO (and hopefully that's going to include a new walk in closet project!). But I'd like it if there was some little creative outlet besides all this task-y stuff.

Here are my top 10 photos according to Flickr's 'interesting' stat - and sadly, I haven't taken any of these photos in the past year. Maybe not even in the past 2 years. I think if I force myself to take at least one interesting photo a day, the new year might hold some interesting creative promise.

Favorite Jordan

Scone Palace Peacock

Hollie XXVII

Sepia Glances



Cat Calls

Lean Hil

Skye's Potential Traffic Jams


Lindsey said...

You took all those?! You rock. The one of Jordan is my favorite....well- right after the nostril picture.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Nice photography! I think my favorite is the last one with the sheep. Where was that taken? Good goals for the coming year!

Cynthia said...

oooh, good idea! Are you going to post a picture each day too?

JoLyn said...

Great photos - I'm looking forward to it.


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