Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Rainbow of Inspiration - Green

(Don't you just adore this green behind this faucet? I'm totally in love with it)


've accumulated so many inspiring images lately my computer folders are filled to the brim so I figured it's time to start sharing them here - and I almost have so much stuff saved up that I don't even know where to start. So I thought for the next few days we will take a trip around all the colors of the rainbow and I'll just share some things that I think are just lovely.

Sometimes these images seem over the top - or hard to duplicate, or maybe too daunting or too expensive or whatever. But I really like to look at these things to get ideas. Most of them, I probably won't ever use - but maybe YOU would like to use them? Or maybe they will inspire you in ways that will surprise you.

I took some 'before' photos of my laundry room and the room that is to become the walk in closet and I will share the progress on those rooms as it takes place.

Without inspiring images I am lost as to what I want to do -

Did I mention that a couple of people seemed surprised by my interest in decorating my house? In a not so subtle way they sort of let me know that they weren't sure why I would care so much.

I had to think about that for a couple of days. I mean it was easy just off - hand to sort of blow that remark off - I mean - I think caring about such things is probably much more common than NOT caring about such things right?

But I had to think about maybe they were implying it was 1. a waste of time or 2. waste of money or 3. waste of energy or 4. frivolous or 5. vain? or 6. a waste of resources

And I guess an argument COULD be made for all of those things.

But at the end of the day I just really feel that it really is worth my time and effort and energy and resources. Besides the fact that I just like thinking about such things and getting involved in projects, I really feel that it makes a difference to the people who live in my house and possibly to the people who visit my house and by that I mean that I hope I can create a home that is comfortable and a reflection of our personality and provides warmth and hopefully reflects love and makes you feel good to be in the space. That's my goal.

So for today, let's meditate on the color green, which is one of my favorite colors. It can be restful and cheerful and easy on the eyes and generally a happy color to live with - there are sooo many tones and ways to make green work - so many gorgeous variations, that make it hard to chose the perfect tone!


Lindsey said...

The couch in that first picture made me VERY happy. I want to sink into it. I love green. I really love mixing turqouise shades with limey greens. Beauty.

bandanamomtoo said...

Oh that couch I totally LOVE. They are stinking expensive. But sometimes on Apartment Therapy in the scavenger section they will come up at a bargain price. Of course they are usually in LA or something, which still wouldn't do any of us any good right?

I love turquoise with lime too - I like all the turquoisey blues you have in your house. It's very pulled together. It has a good vibe.


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