Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday: Pretty in Pink


hen I was a little girl pink wasn't my favorite color or anything like that - but I've always had a fondness for pink. (For the record, my favorite color when I was a little girl was Yellow - and when I was a teen it was Green - and now, it's probably sort of still green but there are days when I love Orange, or maybe certain I don't know if I really have a favorite color anymore...) - Pink is a kind of hard to resist color isn't it? Like if I see a pink cupcake, I'm going to want it. Any anything that is pink and black is adorable is it not? But do you decorate with pink without making it look like a little girls' bedroom?

Here are some inspiring images of pink that I really love (and grown up too!)


Lindsey said...

Holy CRAP, I love all these pictures. I have always told Nathan that I want a room that is all mine and I want it to be filled with pink and white and black. This includes sink-into-it forever pink sofas, a black baby grand, and white floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (which reminds me, I have two books to return to you). Ahhhhhhh....I would never leave that room. Which means I would need a nanny, too.

In response to your response to my comment on your post (ha), I have SO many more things I want to do in my house. I have a desk I want to paint lime green, and I want to bring lots of lime and red and turquoise into the dining room. And then I will probably move! So it's just not worth it. I'm so ready to be settled. :(
Geez- maybe we should just have a conversation in person instead of me writing a novel.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Cool pictures but I just couldn't do pink.


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