Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you only going to do posts on design stuff now? A Thanksgiving Blog...sort of...

(the sunsets have been stunning lately! Well...they always are in AZ, but lately they are just extra great)

Someone asked me if I was trying to turn my blog into a 'design blog' - and my husband asked me "are you sure you want to become a counselor? or do you want to be a designer?".

No, I'm not trying to turn it into a design blog and no I do not want to be a designer. It's more of a hobby. It's just for fun. And I really don't have any other deep thoughts to share right now.

I'm out of anything else to say!

Well...not really.

But Kind of.

My life right now & things I am grateful for (making this a Thanksgiving blog of sorts):

I miss Holden. I miss him at weird times and for weird reasons. I miss our joking around with each other. I miss his impressions of people and inside jokes. But most days it's fine and I am happy he is doing what he is doing.

The other day though I saw this little blonde boy - probably maybe a 6 year old and that REALLY made me miss him - like tear up a little. I surprised myself at that reaction. I think more than anything I miss the idea of having little kids. All of my kids are getting to be grown up. I feel suddenly older than moms with kids who are little. Don't misunderstand - I don't actually miss having little kids. But I miss certain moments of having little kids. And sometimes I look at those moms and I think - "wow...I don't miss that". But sometimes I wonder if they realize how quickly the time will go and they won't be moms with little kids anymore either. I might not have fully appreciated that while it was happening. I've been so blessed with such great kids.

I'm loving my anthropology class. Not that it is super exciting or anything - but it's easy!

I have a surprise vacation possibly in store for the holidays which I am actually pretty excited about but must not reveal at this time!

Every day I just sort of feel like "life is good". You know? Sometimes I have just the tiniest bit of superstition that I should not put that thought out into the universe unchecked. But just honestly, most people I know are pretty darn lucky/blessed.

We still have a lot of projects around this house that I would like to do/plan on accomplishing. Will it ever end? I doubt it.

My kids are at a stage in life where they are pretty darn helpful. I'm so grateful for that.

My husband is a pretty great guy. We are nearing our 21st anniversary! That makes me very happy.

We are surrounded by a lot of great people who make our life rich.

There is so much beauty in the world, isn't there?

It has been a good year, and I'm looking forward to an exciting holiday season!

(there! How's that for a non-design post?)


Cynthia said...

That is a great post. I miss having small-ish kids around too. I'm kind of looking forward to the coming years of having grandkids around. Weird, huh? And I'm already missing Brady for some of the same reasons. Most people don't know how funny he is, but he is hilarious around the house. I'm going to miss that.
Thanks for your always optimistic outlook.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Right there with you! I Loved having little ones around the house but I love my olders too. I actually try to get my friends with little kids to come over so I can play with their kids!

Noelle said...

The way you guys describe Holden as a little boy always make me a little sad I didn't get to know that little guy. ;)


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