Friday, November 02, 2012

Why I love Spotify...and why i kinda wish i didn't know it existed

Recently, through a too-long-to-explain and convoluted situation, Spotify has been introduced into my life.  I had heard of it before and I think I even checked out the free Spotify radio thing at some point, but it basically reminded me of pandora and I sorta didn't get it.

Oh man you guys this is not really good for me.  I love music.  But/And there is nothing I love more than finding new music.  And there is nothing I would rather do than find new music that I really really like or love.  For this reason Itunes has always suckered me in with their suggestions in the genius on the sidebar.  But you only can listen to a few seconds of those songs and so sometimes you buy the song and then you're kinda disappointed.

Spotify makes it super easy to to find stuff you really like.  There are links to all the music from that particular musician or group, PLUS every one kinda related to or similar in some way to the music you're listening to.

And playlists.  Oh geez you guys playlists.  I cannot resist doing a playlist.  I love putting together a collection of stuff that all goes together.  Like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage all in the same list together, which I then called Kurt, Courtney & Frenemies.

Both pinterest and spotify satisfy some weird urge I have to categorize everything.  I wish I were more like this about REAL stuff in my life.  Like cleaning out and organizing a drawer or the fridge or something.

I always just want to categorize and organize and list make stuff like "favorite movies" or "favorite british tv shows" or "favorite punk music" or "best orange rooms of 2012".  Anyone who reads this blog should know that.

Anyway.  If you're anything like me, you'll dig Spotify.  The premium version is only like 9.99 a month or something.  And you can share playlists with your friends.  And if they are your facebook friends, everyone just sort of appears on spotify without you having to go looking for them.

As long as I'm here I might as well do a list of new music I'm in love with at the moment (all things I found on spotify in the past week):

Obviously there are more than 10 new things I love, but here is a random sampling:

Discovery is the pre-cursor to Vampire Weekend, by some of the same dudes.  Basically auto-tuned R&B with a heavy dose of synth.  Makes me happy

Mika's latest.  I've long been a fan of Mika.  Who, weirdly, I discovered while travelling back and forth to Provo every week several years ago (I think 7 years ago actually).  Side note:  I am always stunned by how far ahead Salt Lake generally is on the music curve.  I've gotten into long disagreements with people about this topic.  People have vehemently disagreed with me that you can't compare Utah or say, LA for music curve.  I admit it is hard to be more ahead of LA.  BUT considering the size and location of SLC, they are surprisingly current in the music taste IF you listen to independent radio - which is very nearly dead in many major metropolitan areas (Phoenix being one of them).  Anyway...I digress (what else is new) Mika's new album is great and I especially love his mix of the broadway hit from Wicked "popular" into a catchy little tune.  Spotify calls Mika a pop magpie.  That's about right.  All things shiny.  

Friendly Fires is british indie pop that adds some disco beats and is extraordinarily dance friendly.  I mean if you can't figure out how to love a band that makes some disco beats seem totally new and cool, I don't know how to help you. 

Little Dragon is indie pop and electronica with a global feel - pushing inspirations together from Japan to Sweden. Poppy and hooky.

Lykke Li is swedish Indie pop.  Super subtle vocals with electronic stylings.  I'm totally into this right now.  

Mark Ronson & the Business Intl - Ronson is basically a DJ.  So is his sister, remember that chick that dated Lindsey Lohan for a while?  yeah.  Anyways, this is his album project and it's pretty rad. 

The Naked and Famous I've been familiar with for a while.  I love melodic music.  This combines melodic with some sort of punky stuffff.  It's pretty awesome.   They're from New Zealand.  

This group makes me laugh. No really.  There are lines in their songs that are really funny.  New Wave French Indie.  and funny.  Quirky.  What else do you need to make your day better?

The LCD soundsystem is kind of hard to explain.  It's like if you think indie hipsters are cool, this dude is the coolest.  This music is like electronic music nerdy with a heavy dose of disco-ish business and beats and thoughts and randomness and cool stuff.  See, I have no idea how to properly convey this.  Trust me.  It's pretty awesome.

French Dance Pop.  Enough said.  

I could go on and on you guys.  

which is why I kinda wish I DIDN'T know about spotify.  Because all I need is another distraction right?  I mean, I already had pinterest for pete's sake.  

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Can we follow you on spotify? I love your taste! follow me...

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