Thursday, November 15, 2012

Supah Glam Glam - Glamorous Decor

This week the new season of Million Dollar Decorators started.  Love that show.  Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is fond of saying things like "Supah Glam Glam" in the most affected british accent you've ever heard.  I mean, he's really pretty ridiculous.  But you love him.  You totally forgive the affectation.  The whole show is ridiculous.  If your name is Tamera Mellon and you have a MILLION dollars to spend on a room remodel - that is correct, you didn't misread, one MILLION dollars on ONE room remodel - then your name will not be pronounced TAMERA like normal people say it.  Oh no, then you'll be Tah-Mare-ah.  The mind reels.  Anyway, it's gross and ridiculous but this is the thing that makes it so darned compelling.

The level of glamour in these kinds of rooms is, as my teenage daughter would say "cray-cray".

Sometimes the normal every day person who cannot afford one million dollars on a remodel would also like a glamour make-over for their room.   It's hard to fake things that honest to goodness crazy money can buy, but here are some dreamy inspirations:

Kinda sorta doable - those tiny tiles can be done with a mirror found at a second hand shop - that sink console is probs pretty pricey, but I feel like you can find something that will make it work.  That blue color is very specifically classy.  

I'm not really gonna lie here - good luck on finding a mirrored dresser in your price range if you're on a tight budget.  Probably not going to happen dude.  BUT you could emulate that super awesome tasty lavender color and combine it with mirrors and camel.  In fact, lavenders with camel and creams and off-whites is very glamour decor right now.  

Guys - this is the "office" in the palace of versailles.  Give up on coming anywhere close to this idea.  Plus you know what happened to Marie Antoinette when she went all nuts with the household spending, and you don't want to end up like that anyway.  What I just want you to notice here is how mirrors, chandeliers and a well upholstered pink chair can really be something to aspire to matter how much cashola you have in the bank.  

This is kinda reasonable I feel.  That headboard and chandelier are really what make this seem so chi-chi.  The problem is finding a mirror like that could be pretty pricey.  BUT if that's the one place you spend the most money, wouldn't it totally be worth it?

This kind feels like it's inspired by Tiffany.  I like it.  I'm not sure if I love it.  There's almost TOO much black accents I think.  But what I wanted to show you is how great black and white can look with tiffany blue.  Throw in a chandelier and some mirrors and you're getting glamour all up in that space.  

the other way to add instant glamour is an animal print.  BUT NOT if your room is some crazy bright red with leather couches.  No, if your room is otherwise demure as a little old lady and then you add a leopard print, you'll look like you shop at Bergdorf's every day.  

these are some pricey things in this room.  I know.  But what I really want you to see is the color combinations.  If you happen to have fantastic furniture and are thinking of getting it upholstered - I would really consider this color scheme.

first of all I super adore that little painting of the little birds, don't you?  But second look how simple and glamorous this is.  

This is a pretty grand room.  But I feel like you could make this work in a less sweeping space.  Chandeliers guys, I'm telling you.

I want to go live in this room.  Just read all day.  And be happy.

Paintings that look like a million bucks never hurt to class up a space.  Love the color scheme here too.  

What have we learned?  Chandeliers, mirrors, good color schemes with nice subtle touches, upholstered furniture and an attitude.  Those are all things you can do on a budget.  Don't be too intimidated to try it if you love the look.  

Just get an attitude like Martyn and you can work it.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this visual banquet! I LOVE most of the looks...little bits of each as I'm doing a new bedroom in the Hollywood Regency look.


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