Monday, November 12, 2012

Crushing on this Art

So one thing I am really missing while in grad school is the amount of time I once had to socialize and to do things like go to an art show or a museum or some-fricking-thing besides stare at a text book.  I also miss reading normal books.  I haven't been to first fridays in like....forever.  And I love art.  L O V E.  I tell you.

So good thing the internet gives me a chance to at least find some cool stuff when I'm goofing off and sick of researching the stimulus-value-role-theory of relationships.  Yeah...that's a thing.

Stuff I think is super awesome at the moment:

Jessica Brilli

The paint is just delicious.  I could eat them.

Janet Hill

Aren't they great?  Don't you feel like you're a housewife lady in the 1950s and you have a glamorous life and wardrobe?  But maybe under the surface you're married to a cad like Don Draper and there is a bottle of mommy's little blue pills that you look forward to locating when you get home from your errands?  Or something like that...

Are you sensing a retro-theme here?  Yeah, I guess I'm feeling more 1950s housewife than I even imagined.  The hyper-realism of these is excellent.  I wish I had the budget for one of these they are VERY reasonably priced for fantastic art.  

These are just the most exquisite little things - such fantastic bold colors with somber little tableau's.  


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