Monday, August 15, 2011

Teeny Tiny Bedroom

 A long time ago our 3 children outgrew the 2 bedrooms they had to split between them.  Our oldest child wanted his own space and suggested he be allowed to take over a dining room.  The dining room was open to the front room and adjacent to the kitchen.  I liked the dining room and I liked how large and open the front of the house seemed when they were all basically the same room.  But we realized it was a pretty simple thing (and relatively cheap) to put up some dry wall and create a "bedroom".  In a real estate appraisal I'm pretty sure it would have to revert to being referred to as a dining room.  The closet is an Ikea wardrobe.

Even though it's tiny, it serves it's purpose. 

However the oldest child talked the middle child into switching with him at some point.  I'm not exactly sure how this tactical position was secured, but before I knew it everyone was switching rooms.  The oldest child then took over the largest bedroom in the house for a while.  Recently, that child has been away from home for 2 years and in that time the middle child quickly took over the largest bedroom again leaving the tiny bedroom empty for a while. 

The paint in that room was simply the paint of the dining room - a bold red.  Which never worked particularly well in such a small space. 

Now the oldest is returning home and he has been informed by his little brother that the tiny bedroom will once again be his possession.  A posting has been made on elder brother's facebook wall stating "Glad you're coming home - you should know I'm not giving you the room back".  The oldest took this news in stride but did joke with me that I was making him return to the "bedroom under the stairs, like in Harry Potter" and asked me if it would also be full of spiders. 

I think all 3 of them should probably just be darn glad they each have their own room! 

But I did want to make it a little more comfortable and nicer in that room for him.  He loved the green I used in my bedroom remodel so I had enough of that left over to do one main wall.  On the smoothest wall I decided to do chalkboard paint.  He's an artist and I thought he would enjoy having a wall he could write on.  I actually wish I knew about chalk board walls when he was 2 yrs old and drawing on the walls all the time!  But better late than never right?  I also decided that with one wall bold green and one wall dark (chalkboard) I probably needed something light on the othert walls - so I settled on white.  I really do like the way that it turned out. 

Next I needed to add some art.  I found a pop art print at Ikea that I like (this particular kid likes pop art and graffiti art), and then I had a canvas which I used to make another original pop art installation of my own creation. 

I also got all my bedding at Ikea too since I needed all new stuff in that room.  I was super happy with all of it and you can't beat it for the pricing:

Twin sheet set:  $9.99
Comforter:  $19.99
Art: $9.99
Blanket Throw:  $9.99

total $49.96  (seriously, you can't beat that)

Yes, it's small.  But it's pretty functional too.  The dresser is a 6 drawer, there are 3 big drawers built into the bed, bookshelves and a wardrobe with more shelving and room to hang clothes, all in a really small space with plenty of floor room left. 

Most of all, we're excited to have a tenant in that room again. 

Welcome Home Holden! 


Sydney said...

Awesome job Lezley!! I'm sure Holden will love the room.

Cynthia said...

What a perfect spot, perfect colors, perfect art. Are you so excited he's coming home???

Sherry said...

I love it! So glad he made it home safely! Enjoy!


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