Friday, August 19, 2011

Prettiest Pools

This will probably be my last pool post for 2011 - summer is winding down and so are the days that we can use the pool.  This summer has been a rough one for my pool.  It has frustrated the heck out of me most of the time.  I could get it looking really nice for about a week and then it would turn on me and I'd fight algae or cloudiness or rust stains or dirt (we've had several big dust storms this summer) and debris.  This winter I plan on draining it and getting it completely acid washed inside.  It's hard also because different pool companies and supply stores will give you different advice.  For instance, I have these stains, which I think are semi-permanent algae stains on the bottom of the pool in certain spots, if I ask one pool supply place how to get rid of them they say that you can just leave a tab of chlorine on the bottom of the pool in that area and it will bleach the stain eventually - also to keep your chlorine levels unusually high all the time until it disappears.  But that's opposite advice we've been told previously which was that leaving a tab of chlorine on the bottom of the pool floor will actually cause a "burn" which is a stain in and of itself.  I just can't figure out why it's been so frustrating this year when in the past, it hasn't been nearly so difficult.

So we haven't used it nearly as much as I would like.  We had a dust storm last night and i just dumped a ton of shock in it to try to achieve something closer to blue than the lovely swampy green I have right now.

I don't want to hire a pool man, plus last time I had a regular pool guy for a while I didn't feel like he did much.  He like got the leaves out for me basically.  I mean, that's not that hard, I can do that.  I just want someone to keep it pretty and blue for me.  

Which is maybe why I like looking at other pretty pools. 

enjoy, and enjoy the rest of your summer.  

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