Monday, August 29, 2011

The Glass Slipper - Prom & Wedding Dress Rentals

So last month I was in Idaho visiting family and friends for a few days.  While I was there I had a chance to see a couple of my friends from high school and college.  Alicia was my best friend from about 8th grade on.  We pretty much did everything together for many years.  Even though we are both very different in a lot of ways, there is something special about a best friend where your differences compliment each other.  In my opinion, she and her husband Scott are some of the nicest people on the planet. 

bestest friend since age 13 - Alicia

I was surprised to find when I got to Idaho that Alicia and Scott recently decided to open a new business.  I'm very excited for them!  The business is Prom and Wedding dress rentals and is called The Glass Slipper.  It's such a smart idea because girls never want to wear the same dress to prom this year that they wore last year, but with a rental gown, they don't have to purchase the dress, they only have to pay for one use of the dress.  I love the idea! 

Some girls are really sentimental about wedding dresses (or they assume they will be).  But you really won't ever wear your wedding dress again.  It's just going to go into your closet or a box or and take up a ton of space.  You might think it's going to be cool to show your children some day, but as I have found, my kids think my dress looks all 80s-tastic  and weird (it's a little blingy...I gotta admit).  My dress is STILL taking up a ton of space in my closet.  At this point, I don't even know what to do with it.  In retrospect, renting a dress would have been a wonderful option.  And if you're on a tight budget, there is no better way to get a gorgeous dress but pay a fraction of the cost!  (and these days, who isn't on a budget?)

The Glass Slipper solves all these problems! 

I had so much fun visiting Alicia in her shop and seeing the girls who came in to try on dresses.  It was just fun to be surrounded by so many pretty girly gowns.

If you're in Rexburg Idaho and you need a wedding, prom or homecoming dress (or any other special dance or event...she has gorgeous pageant gowns too), The Glass Slipper is your one stop shop where you can get a gown at a fraction of the retail price. 

All the way home from Idaho I kept thinking that I wished there were some place like The Glass Slipper in Phoenix.  My daughter will be attending school dances soon and lots of young girls I know are that age and I know how hard it can be to find age appropriate dresses that are beautiful AND inexpensive. 

And I kept thinking about it.

And an idea was born.  What if I were to open up a Glass Slipper PHOENIX? 

So that's what I've done!  I'm still working on getting stock and hoping to have enough dresses to at least be able to provide cute options for some of the girls I know who will be going to homecoming this fall.  I'll have long and short options for Phoenix girls and in all sizes!  Next I'll focus on wedding gowns and see where it all goes from there.  Eventually I'd love to have a retail space like Alicia does.  Right now I'm using a spare room as a "shop". 

If you're a Rexburg (or Eastern Idaho Upper Valley) girl, please visit The Glass Slipper's facebook page here: 

The Glass Slipper Rexburg Facebook Page

Or go by and visit the store, they are located at 110 E. 1st North

If you're looking for the phoenix version, the facebook page is here:

 The Glass Slipper Phoenix Facebook Page

And the new website is here:

The Glass Slipper Phoenix

I'm so looking forward to working a little in fashion again.  I loved selling dresses a few years ago and I've missed it! 

Please go to the fb pages and website for all the contact info, we'd love to find the perfect dress for you.  We'd also love to hear from you if you have a dress you'd like us to consign or purchase from you.  After all, most of us never wear those dresses again once that special event is over - you might as well clear up the space in your closet and make the dress earn some money for you! 

The Glass Slipper is the place for every girl to feel like a princess! ;)


Jayden Eden said...

Beautiful wedding dresses! I wouldn't mind seeing my soon to be wife in one. We are searching for wedding rentals in Phoenix, AZ for our upcoming wedding. Thank you for posting this.

Drew Watts said...

Happy to know about these dresses. For my wedding at one of Venues in NYC I wore a beautiful wedding dress that was designed by my best friend. It was looking so wonderful and made me look gorgeous too. Was very happy with it.


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