Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm kind of a color freak and I may have passed on the gene to my children

Last night my kids wanted to stop at Barnes and Noble and grab a few books.  How happy am I that I have children (well at least 2 out of the 3) who actually look forward to going into a book store.  That's a parenting success in my book. 

My oldest child really wanted some moleskins and Barnes and Noble is one of the easiest places to get them.  He agonized for a reallllllly long time about what color they should be.  Red?  Blue?  Black is classy though.  oooooo look at this lime green...  But does lime green say what I want it to say about me? This process went on for about 15 to 20 minutes before navy blue and red were selected (because it became impossible to narrow it down to just one). 

I stood there watching this, completely absorbed in his logic about colors and I realized, finally, and for the first time "we're kind of color freaks in our house".

Color really really matters to me in a way that is sometimes difficult to explain to other people.  It influences what I wear, how I decorate - yes, probably normal things that color influences for most people.  But it also extends to the notebook I buy, the journal, a child's backpack, a dog collar, my cell phone, basically anything for which I have a choice of color becomes and important and somewhat serious process for me.  And it mostly works that way for my kids too. 

And I've always been like that.  I still remember all my school notebooks were color coded by subject and what color the represent:  Blue is math, Yellow language arts, Green Science, Red history/social studies.  Does this seem as obvious to everyone else as it does to me? 

Every once in a while I meet a person who claims they have no favorite color.  If they don't have a favorite because it's very difficult to pick one - well, that I can sorta  understand.  But if they don't have a favorite color because they claim not to care?  That really bugs me.  How can this be?

Because for me it's not only JUST about the color, it's about finding the perfect shade, the best tone, the greatest hue!  It is a quest I never get bored with...

My favorite color for a very long time has been green.  There is a little bit of green in most of my house.  Even in the rooms which are red or yellow, I will use a pop of green in the rug or a throw or a pillow.  It's the one color I can't really live without.  And I pretty much adore most of the different tones it comes available in, though at the moment, I pretty much love the limes and the kelly greens.

It is the favorite color of at least one of my children too. 

In honor of color freaks everywhere, here are some of the best of my favorite: green

The Kelly's:  

The Limes:

the jades: 




modern hunter:


Do you have a color you can't live without? 


Kristy said...

Red, or aqua probably. You would think I would be so excited that this color combo has caught on, but it kinda bugs me. I want to scream to people that I liked it before it was ever so trendy! I really can't choose though, I adore greens, the right orange, bright yellows make my day. I think I am going to have you over to help me brighten up my house... (I just need to find the $ first)

Bandanamom said...

Whenever I see red & aqua together I think of you, just because of some of your pins on pinterest. I like that combo a lot but I've never actually used it. I do have a color close to aqua in my kitchen on 2 walls and I also have a red wall so that I guess that's a little in that vein, but it's not quite the same. I actually copied the colors in the front of my house from the hair salon I go to - they had this red, minty aqua and yellow(ish) color on different walls and I really liked it. Sometimes it is surprising what ends up working and what doesn't. I would love to come to your house sometime. We can brighten it without any $! I loved what you did with that painting! So cool and so smart!

Noelle said...

Ok not gonna lie, the way you color coded your notebooks is absolutely the way I color coded mine through school :)


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