Friday, August 26, 2011

Mid Century Marvelous

I'm excited to bring you a little house tour of a marvelous mid century home here in Phoenix!

The home belongs to Mason & Chris, and they have done a fantastic job with really cool decor and smart design choices.  I first saw their home last year and I loved it from the minute I walked in the door.  They have fabulous taste and have a home full of awesome vintage finds, cool art & some hand crafted touches that pull it all together to create a wonderful home.

I'm sort of a reverse snob about it, but I so love it when people create a fabulous home in the city from smaller properties and older houses.  I'm just so much more impressed with that than I ever am with a big Mcmansion in the burbs.

Without further ado let's get this tour started:

The minute you walk in the front door this super cool display greets you.  The albums are rotated on occasion to give a slightly different vibe.  The first time I visited the house it was a Pet Shop Boys/80s feel.  At Christmas, it was vintage Christmas albums and right now it's a very "Mad Men" era of delights like Audrey Hepburn on the cover of Henry Mancini's "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  Don't you just love it?

 a lamp rescued from it's fate at a second hand store now has a perfect new home.  

There is so much great texture and rich detail in this room.  I love the instruments on the wall especially, fresh fabulous art work, along with more vintage lighting. 


No mid century home would be complete without the quintessential Eames rocker. How much do you love the little tableau on the table, complete with 1950s framed wedding photo of Mason's parents.  Such a great idea!

amping up the cool factor, mesh Bertoia chairs, and the dining room is just beyond

There's lots to love in this room from the vintage bar ware on display, to the fantastic light to the marimekko print.  Also wonderful, is the hand made mosaic below of tiny little comic book cells, done by Mason himself.  (and I always adore the little details, like the mail chute just below the mosaic...I love mine, and I love to see homes that still use their's too many people install a box over the top of the chute!)

The kitchen is remodeled just enough to make it highly functional while maintaining architectural integrity. 

Here's a detail in the kitchen I think is genius - this was the area for the built in ironing board, it now houses a vintage salt and pepper collection!

Here's a small thing that maybe only people from Arizona can appreciate - when it's super hot during the day we like to keep our blinds closed to shut out as much heat as possible.  But in an effort to cool the house, we often make our interiors seem drab and dark - one great solution here are two windows in the home - one with a stretched fabric print framed over the space where the window is, and one piece of stain glass that fits the size of the window - both allow in some light, lots of color, add interest to the room, but keep it nice and cool. A great idea worth of copying.  

Even the hallways in the house are really great - these wall light sconces are so mid century awesome!


And here's another grat tip - don't be afraid of scale.  Several places in the home have large stretched fabric prints, many times people are afraid of placing large scale art work on their walls, thinking erroneously that a smaller space calls for smaller art.  Not true!  In this hall way the art takes up most of the space, but it really works to make what could be a boring hallway, really interesting. Love it. 

The master bedroom has a great blue - gray wall color and fantasic pops of orange in the art work and the bedding, kept calm by all the black and white accents.  I love how the orange works here, while it maintains a serenity needed in a bedroom.  

And last, but certainly not least, is the really great bedroom they've just finished creating for their soon to be arriving foster children.  Everything about it is caringly crafted to create a feeling of love and warmth.  I adore the blue color chosen as the accent and the Marimekko print is to die for.  So fun, and so lovely for the lucky kids who'll be living here. 

Patsy & I agree, it's all Fabulous Sweetie Darling.  ;)

 Thanks for sharing your home Mason & Chris! 

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Suzanne Barker said...

Yep, their place is the bomb!


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