Saturday, July 02, 2011

Welcome Home

Just a quick post with some photos of doors in the Phoenix area.  I've been keeping my camera in the car and when I see a door or an entry to a house I think is inspirational I've been snapping a photo.  I love a nice entry don't you? For people who don't live in the Phoenix area I wonder if you imagine that Phoenix is all stucco and cactus and rocks?  Well, parts of Phoenix are like that.  But what I love is that the core of the city - our downtown and the immediate area surrounding it are these great neighborhoods built in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s with really great architecture and interesting features.  Most of these photos were taken in the Encanto Palmcroft neighborhood.  Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your exterior or your door. 

I love the tradition of this with the white and the red, but I also love how bold it is too.

the colors are sort of conservative until you start thinking about how infrequently you see blue houses done well - then it starts to seem sort of genius.

This home has a side door rather than a traditional front door, so it's very smart that they've added this little tableau of domestic bliss in front of their large picture window.  I love it. 
This home has a beautiful red and yellow combination going on with a lot of great greenery all around the house, it looks like a happy little cottage. 

These home owners have modernized an older home with new architecure inside and some great colors to compliment it on the outside.  This sagey green with a gray-blue door and the orange chair make this house the best looking on it's street. 

This home's entry has a large hedge in front of the house to create some additional privacy, it could look very uninviting, but with these adirondak chairs out front, it's beautiful. 
I love this crisp combination.
It might be a little hard to tell in this photo but this home has an entirely see through front door of glass - that is a mirror right inside the front entry way which then reflects back the street.  I love the charcoal exterior with the modern planters.  This is an adorable re-do of an older home. 
This adobe style is more traditional southwest, I love the colors and the happy landscaping. 

These photos inspire me to want to work on my exterior of the front of my home a little more.  I love curb appeal. 

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Cynthia said...

LOVE these. Every one of them.


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