Wednesday, July 06, 2011

For The Kidoos

I have quite a nice pile of kids room images to share.  These are the best I've seen in the past few months.  Some are for teens and some are for babies and everything inbetween.

One thing you might want to consider when you decorate your child's room is how well the design, colors and furniture will work in a few years.  Sometimes you see these really "themey" kids rooms and they can be cute - but kids grow up and out of them pretty quickly.  And I hate it on extreme home make-over when they say something like "Danny loves fish and wants to be an oceanographer" and the whole flipping room gets re-done like Captain Nemo lives there.  Kids are notorious for changing their taste, their minds and their ideas pretty much constantly.  I would never make Danny's room a big huge ocean themed extravaganza because next week he might suddenly decide he loves lions and wants to be a zoologist.  I'm not saying NEVER do something like that, but just think it through and realize that your toddler is only going to be a toddler for a few minutes, ditto your baby, ditto your pre-schooler - so think ahead a few years at a time unless you really don't mind painting and buying new stuff every couple of years. 

Keeping it classic, and simple, or just plain fun and cool(but something that can grow with the kid) is your best bet. 

I love this simple, effective and nice looking toy storage idea.  Things like this make a huge difference!  You could even just get the plain silver paint cans from the hardware store for an inexpensive and easy way to achieve this look. 

a lovely and classic pink which would grow with a little girl into an older girls room quite easily.  I love the artwork hanging on the wall. 

How fun is the surfboard idea?  Excellent

love pretty much everything about this room - that simple wall idea with the rackets is really great. 

Great library in a nursery idea which would grow well through childhood  (ceiling is fun too!)

So easy to do that "Lucy" and so cute.  Also, I think this is just a repainted older dresser, and I really love that idea for kids rooms (well let's face it, I kind of love that idea for everywhere right now but it's especially great for kids rooms since kids are so rough on their furniture anyway, you won't mind if they get knicked up a bit)

Clean and lovely with interesting contrasts for baby to look at.

I just love the pink and blues together!

great sophisticated color combination!

Okay this is kind of crazy - I have no idea how safe or even reasonable this idea is - wouldn't the beds be swaying all over the place?  But I had to show you this because it does LOOK really cool.  What a genius space saver. 

Colors which work equally well for a little boy or a girl - and would be great in a room where a baby and an older sibling have to share. 

Cute, simple, easy!

I love these space savers and I love how with this one it feels like each child gets a very private space to themselves.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in a baby's room?  Well, yes, why the heck not? 

Another great idea. 

The black and white is AWESOME for a baby's visual stimulation

Cute mural idea which I feel would last pretty well at least through pre-school. 

Seriously love this, though I heavily question the white couch - who do they think they are kidding with that?

Fun ideas here

Is this not a great space saver idea???

Always wanted one of these when I was a kid so that I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor with my friends when they came over or share my bed. 

trendy colors and super cute - probably a boys room, but works equally well for a girl I think. 

SOOOO dig this color!

Just fun and sweet with a very scandinavian feel

More genius space savers! 


Suzanne Barker said...

ok, seriously lots of cool rooms. how do they get on the top of those rope swing beds? and wouldn't they swing away from them if they had a ladder? love all the cool color combos. I really like the painted pails in the bookcase. Might be a solution for all my yarn in the living room.

Cynthia said...

I hate that extreme makeover idea too. Doesn't anyone on that show have kids?? Most of the kids rooms would be horrible within a year, maybe less.
I love the picture with the black and white stripes. cool.

calizona said...

Awesomeness. Very fun and tantalizing - but for us adults.

I would like to see a study on what kid's think is essential for their space? Where's the ergonomics and anthropological sway on that? Let's figure it out, and see if we come up with any different results or not.

One more thing: The crib in the closet. This is the sanctification of something I had to do for Rachel. Only it was a stained Greco Pack 'n Play instead of a trendy colored crib, and her two brother's shirts were above her and all their karate, baseball and whatever crap stuffed around her instead of the sweet doilies and the open back wall with tasteful decorations.

I lied: And another thing - where's the $12 plastic mortar tubs from Home Depot that slide like storage drawers underneath kid's beds for stinky shoes and school books? They already come in "Punk Black Get Over It" or "Moonless at Midnight". Either one. See? I could so clean-up on this decorating schtick.

calizona said...

wow. Did you catch that painful 's ?

How did that happen?

You'd better fix your program here because it is adding unnecessary apostrophe s thingies!


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