Monday, July 04, 2011

The Prettiest Pools

4th of July in Phoenix Arizona is not the same as 4th of July in small town Idaho.  I grew up in Idaho with this thing we like to call "Whoopee Days".  Basically it's a parade and a rodeo and picnics in the park - it is everything that is good about being in a small town on the 4th of July.  I've lived in Phoenix now for 16 years, and I love love love Phoenix 364 days of the year, but July 4th would be my one moment all year where I feel a little disgruntled with it.

When we first moved here we planned on going on the picnic on the 4th with our little kids.  I crack up now when I think about that.  What idiots think a place where the daily temperature in July is in the 115 degree range (and where it never cools off lower than about 90 most nights) is a good place to go on a picnic to the park in the middle of the day?  So crazy and dumb.  Phoenix is a grand place to go on a picnic ALL YEAR LONG - just not in July or August really.  It's so hard to explain to people who don't live here.  People who happen to visit here in the summer just marvel at our ability to face the heat head on every day.  Let me just say this - 5 million people can't be completely insane.  I will take a few weeks of uncomfortably hot as a trade off for months of gorgeous outdoor temps.  And here's our other secret:

Swimming Pools

Besides air conditioning swimming pools are the other way we make summer bearable around here.  I got in mine already twice today.  It was lovely.  After all these years I've decided having a pool is a pretty good trade-off for not being able to go to a go parade (well almost). 

Here are some images of the prettiest pools.

Cool Idea! 

I love the whole indoor-outdoor feel of this space. 

It always seems so decadent and lovely to have a pool on the water.  

How much do you love that little island?!

Might as well take up that whole back yard with a pool - this way there's not a bunch of useless grass to mow all the time.  

this looks like the best place to relax!

love it when a pool is this bright bright blue

I know, not much pool here, but I love what they've done with that relatively small outdoor space. 

Indoor Outdoor taken to a whole other level

A perfect mid century modern tableau

Again, great outdoor living area!

Beautiful - I feel like we're spying on these people though...are we suppose to be taking this photo?

I adore that water feature!

TWO levels of pool?  Wow.


If I can't have a pool in turquoise, then this is next best - how do they get this color though?  Is it a pebbletec or what do we have going on here? 

Isn't it so nice when these older homes have a pool amid all these mature trees? 

I love everything about this image. 

I love how the stairs go right on top of the pool. 

These long lap pools are really smart looking.

Excellent Space Saving Idea!

Simple and Beautiful

Very Elegant and Classy

Heaven, of course.

Tropical Paradise

Totally Zen

What the heck?  Are there two lovely pools here?

always so in love with this indoor/outdoor idea - I saw one in Architectural Disgest when I was a kid and I've never gotten over it. 

Nothing better than a lovely blue pool with tons of white! 

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