Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Brown Rooms

People continue to google 'brown rooms', 'best brown rooms', 'brown paint' and 'brown decor' with quite some regularity - and end up on my blog and look at the few brown rooms I have and probably go away slightly disappointed.

Here are the best brown rooms I've found in the last year.  My advice for someone considering brown or beige or taupe or even a cream bordering on beige is to choose a strong accent color.  Even if you're really set on having brown walls, your decor will look so much better if you have something to set it off.  The good news about brown is that accents of almost any color look good with it - Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, even Pinks and Purples look good with brown.
I was once in the home of a wealthy Scottsdale couple and their entire house was beige walls with brown, beige, cream, and black and white accents everywhere.  soooooooooo boring.  I'm sure they thought it was very chic.  I just thought it showed a complete lack of imagination and personality.

Some people chose brown/beige because they are afraid of color on their walls, other people chose it because they just really love brown.  Either way, carefully contemplate what you can add to it to give it some panache.
I'm sort of starting off breaking my own advice here regarding an accent color - BUT, this powder room is so tiny, that beautiful mirror with all the white is perfect. 

this isn't quite a 'brown brown' but it's close, and what they've done here with the different tones would work well with any variation of brown - I think the walls here are more of a mustard brown. 

via the lettered cottage - browns and beige always look great with red

I love that light light powder blue as an accent here, such a great bedroom, totally peaceful

there are some really fun ideas here, I love the bright yellow with the brown and the family photos are great

I feel like I might have used this before, if I did, I'm sorry but I really love that wallpaper and the brocade chair - love that turquoise with the brown and I really like that everything has a metallic quality

Again, another brown which really borders on being yellow - isn't this a great trend?  I'd like to see more of this color combination it just works so well with the plum

via Elle Decor - I love this floor and all the different things going on in this studio/office

This room is truly genius in my book, I pretty much love everything here

Such great accent colors here!!!!

Yes, this decides it for me, my new favorite combination with brown/beige is purple

I have definitely used this before but it was a really tiny version of this photo so I wanted to get a blown up size because I think this is a really great room.

I love the combination of the deep dark chocolate wall in the background with the more beige walls in the foreground, I also love the little pops of green, red, orange, yellow and the black & white pillow.  Along with the white on the furniture, it all works together to creat a lovely and cohesive little room. 

via houzz - love all the white with the beige, and that mirror is really cool with the sticks forming the sunburst.  I tend to feel that rooms with double high ceilings do very well with a lot of white in the room.  This room is carefully balanced, bordering on shabby chic without being too frumpy. 

via adamhommerding - I love that photography of the family on the brown wall.  Well thought through family photos can add a great element in the right spot - the entry way done up like this sets a tone for a the rest of the home and it's great. 

I'm dying over that sunburst mirror.  This space is just comfy and fun. 

a little more formal and expensive - I love the wall paper and the ceiling here

(I hope this entry helped some of the googler's out there :) )

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