Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let me check on where I put that Christmas Spirit....oh I think I left it in 2009.


mmmm the meantime...

I'm kind of amused lately with why people come to the blog - what they (so I guess really I am talking to you) are looking for. Some of you obviously know me and come check in, or check my link from face book, but some of you are just out there on the interwebs surfing around, looking for information (as I am often doing as well) and it's kinda funny sometimes what you put in the google, or the bing, or even the yahoo and why it directs you here. Lately what have ya'll been thinking about?

white evangelicals...are mormons the same? -

Not sure why google thinks I would be the authority on this, probably because I have discussed Mormonism, Religion and Politics before (which I usually try to steer clear of a bit these days...tends to cause some nasty comments sometimes....see here for example....but anywho...) I'll just leave what I think is My own answer to this question, while realizing that the real answer may lie in the eye of the beholder...No, not the same. That should I think be more clear than it seems to be sometimes, but No, not the same. Moving on...

orange and white rooms?

Well yes, I do love me an Orange and White Room and you kind find lots of them around here because I happen to think Orange and white are a great and dreamy combo...(Start Here and see what you find...)

religion and politics - do mormons love romney?

Okay well, once again, I'm going to try to avoid getting myself into trouble here. Here's the thing. I don't personally know Mr. Romney. So I don't really know if I can say that I do or I don't like him. I mean, if I met him in person I may come away from that meeting and say "Oh, well, he was a lot more charming than I thought he would be". Back in the day I used to say that I thought a whole lot of people who thought they hated Bill Clinton, if they met him, would actually probably really like him in person. And I think that's also true of George Bush Jr., I think you know, he's the guy you like to hang around the grill at the bar b que with. In fact, I kinda think if Bill Clinton and George Jr. threw a Bar B Q, that's one you probably ought to attend, and it would probably get a little raucus, but all in a good time kind if way, and you'd be glad you went. So what was I saying? Oh yeah, back to Mr. here's my thing, I am not 100% sure how I would feel if I met him. I know people who personally have met him and thought he was awesome. And people who have personally met him and who were less than impressed. I don't know. I think probably too may Mormons like him just because he IS a Republican and Mormon, which is why I tend to think that I probably don't like him. Which is probably not fair either. He used to be quite liberal (for a republican) I guess what I'm saying is I'm too biased to answer this question. And I think most Mormons are biased for all their own reasons to give you a straight answer to this. But here's one thing about Mormons I do know - don't ASSUME we all have the same opinion of anything. (see example from above on first question if you aren't sure of what I'm talking about).

black rooms goth or cool?

cool, not goth unless you want them to be. I'm fixing to do one soon so I'm going to say "cool". I hope. I'll keep you posted. Goal is to get that done before Christmas.
Here's another inspiring room, I keep finding them:

mormon artists?

This is covered pretty extensively here in a specific side blog over there you can see it's one of the biggest reasons people come to the blog...I think that's kind of funny. Here is another Mormon artist that I really like a lot. If I ever have the money again to buy new art, I would love to have something of hers. Her name is Emily Mcphie, and I did mention her in that previous article I wrote from 2009. I just check in on her new work from time to time and I really love what she does. Her work can be found at the Meyer Gallery in Park City (among other places) are a few of her new paintings that I love:
(this one is my fave I think)

weird crafts?
This one gets asked a lot too, I guess asked and answered via the side blog...if I ever finish the ones I started I will get on a post about that (I plan to, it's just one of those things that got laid by the wayside...)

artist who are cool - who are cool artists now?

I'm not sure who is new that is cool...I don't have my pulse on that too much right now. I feel like I've missed going to first fridays a lot and in general I have not been able to keep up with a lot of new artists this year. However, I do want to do a whole blog post on Basquiat soon because I saw a documentary on him, and that's my new obsession.

cynthia hale is who?

I don't know if this person was looking for my Cynthia but my Cynthia is this really nice lady that lives a few blocks away. I consider her a reliable friend. You can pretty much tell her anything and she will barely raise an eyebrow at you, but you also know she won't tell anyone else. She is also very artistic and responsible for this (so you know she's awesome):(which also makes her technically a Mormon artist as well)

baby room/kids room idea/painting/decor

You know, I guess because my kids are older, I haven't really done like a whole post on I'm not prepared to do it now, but I've been saving up some images of ideas I like - both from a space design standpoint as well as color schemes/decor. So coming soon...
(this is Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter, Apple's's pretty boss I must say)

where's sixx design? Are they coming back?

Apparently a lot of us miss that show! And I don't really know where I saw this, but somewhere on the internet I saw that they are filming a new show but it won't be on Bravo (oh what would I do without my Bravo!) I don't know if it's like on Lifetime (like how Project Runway ended up over there) or if it's going to be somewhere else. I'll do an update if I have time to figure that out and do a whole post on them. I love their design style. I do have a few new images saved up for a post when I get more specific info.


Cynthia said...

I get the questions about room colors. And I get the questions about artists, you've got some cool art. I might even get the questions about politics and religion, but the question about me?? I suppose I ought to ask that question once in a while. Maybe an internet search would help me "find" myself. I am glad you refer to me as 'my' Cynthia. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy today.

Bandanamom said...

Well I'm glad I helped someone out to feel good Cynthia. ;) Of COURSE you're MY Cynthia. When I tried to google myself I actually do find me, mainly because of this blog and a few other random tid bits on the internet, because my first name is so weird. But there is one other interesting Lezlee who is a British dj. One day I think I'm just going to start using her profile photo as mine -


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