Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspirational Green


inda wondering where I disappeared to? When you bah humbug Christmas but nonetheless plan on celebrating it, you have a lot of running around to do towards the end. I'm not even remotely ready. But in honor of the season here are some gorgeous green rooms that I adore. Green is still, after all is said and done and due honors being given to all the other great colors, my favorite. Enjoy some green inspiration, and I'll get back to you when I finally get all the shopping finished.

First of all, how can you not love that sofa? It's just this perfect little sculpture of a sofa. (BIG SIGH) I so wish I owned that darling. Also how kind of creepy is that photo above it? But striking. I love stuff like that.

Yes, it's a kids room. There's a lot to love here though. First of all I'm really into that green right now, it's almost the color of my new bedroom. Also, I love the styling of the bed and I adore the white floors! I also think the wall art, which I assume is probably a vinyl, could work in many rooms and be very cool. There are some vinyl's out there that look really good.

It's an odd green I admit, and probably not to everyone's taste, but I really like it. I also love the bedframe. I have been thinking about recovering my box on my box frame, I'm seeing a lot of that lately.

LOVE. Love. LOVE this. Gorgeous and I think the floors might be concrete. If it wasn't the hugest pain in the butt ever, I think I would strip my floors down to the concrete and go with a finished concrete floor. Alas, it would be the hugest pain ever. My floors are a faux wood (which by the way, NEVER buy the IKEA wood floors they do not hold up!) and underneath they are a horrible white tile which I despise. Can you imagine removing both the faux wood and the tile? Ugggg....what a huge job.

I'm not super in love with any of the furniture they used here, but I do adore adore adore that green color and I LOVE how they painted the inside of the book shelves in that super great blue. I soooo dig this idea. I think if I ever get bored enough of my book shelves in my family room, maybe I will do something like this. It would be a great way to spice things up which would be cheap and relatively easy to do.

I know some people might say doing these green cabinets is a mistake, but I really love them.

Love the black cabinets, love the green, LOVE the ceiling, love the subway tile and the light fixture. Super great kitchen.

Happy Holidays!

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