Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orange you glad it's summer?


an't get enough popsicles this time of year? Me either.

Well in terms of color, we've covered our (my) favorites so far...lime, banana, blue raspberry so what's left? Orange and Grape.

I don't mind an orange popsicle, but what's even better is an orange creamsicle, am I right? And there's an important decor lesson to be contained within that confectionery delight. When you pair cream or white with orange, it's always fabulous.

So for today...I'm feeling some Orange inspiration:

I love how they dared go all the way with the hot pink and the orange here. Ever notice how hardly anyone ever actually dares decorate with orange? Which makes me think you should. Or I should. Honestly, if I ever change my red walls, I'll think I might go orange - especially in my kitchen. But we'll see, I have other rooms to focus on first.

I have a small bathroom like this which is my kids bathroom, and I refuse to spend a lot of money decorating it until they are all grown and moved out. Why? Because I make them keep it clean all the time, and it hardly ever is actually presentable for guests and I figure once they move out and aren't messing it up all the time, I won't mind spending the money on it because it will be my job to make sure it's clean every day instead of theirs. Sounds selfish? Maybe...but also practical.

This is like the entry to a 1960s era home and I love that they did it up in orange. There are some homes like this in my neighborhood (well close to here) and I totally love them.

That kicky orange wall with the exposed ductwork and the gray accesories and wood floor really works. This is a condo in Tempe Arizona. Below is another photo of the same condo.

Don't you love that Banquette? I want to do something like this - I think I've found a spot where it will work too. Will my house ever be done? No. Because I'll keep finding ideas I like and then having to wait for the money to implement them.

What did I tell you about creamsicles? See? White and can't go wrong.

I don't know that I love the bed, or the khaki green bottom half of the wall. But I love the shade of orange. AND I like that they did the ceiling white. I usually am not a fan of a white ceiling necessarily, but in this case, I think needs it. (love the peep of the Eames rocking chair too)

This soooo borders between orange and red doesn't it? I just think it's a to die for color.

Again, creamsicles baby.

Almost red but still technically orange. I realize this could look dated pretty quickly. But I still love it. It's almost like it already looks dated so you don't have to worry about it, it's so old it's new kind of thing.

AHhhhhhHHHHHH.....true true love.

I don't think I would do this - I know I probably wouldn't in fact, but I do like it and if you have the guts, by all means, go for it.

When we first moved into our house the closet doors were gold lame. I kid you not! Someone thought the answer to covering the wood doors was to put some sort of horrible gold foil all over them. It was just the most hideous thing I've seen in my entire life! Eventually we just ripped the doors out altogether and now the closet is just open to the rest of the room and has shelving. But I love how they've used this wallpaper (or whatever it is...) because it looks like a Trina Turk design.

Lovely. Gutsy but lovely.

Again, I love these oranges which border on red.

Makes a statement doesn't it?

I actually think this orange could have been even bolder - but with the headboard and the other stuff they've got going on they may have felt restraint was in order. I hardly ever think so. :) but I do really like this.

Just gorgeous - love all the elements together here.

Happy summer! It's half over kids!

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